Creating a mindful morning and night routine

If last year was one of the toughest yet, for so people, having some sort of a routine may have become a thing of the past.

If you did manage to keep a routine during lockdown, good for you! I know I definitely did as I find it hard to function without one. Routines are so important because they provide us with a sense of purpose and normality. They can also make us feel better and a little bit more accomplished.

The good habits that we build into these routines give our mind space to breathe and reflect on the circumstances around us.

For example, your morning routine might give you the opportunity to meditate or journal before you start your day. This allows your mind to be decluttered which reduces your overwhelm and stress about the day ahead. Your night routine might see you do some light stretches and stay away from technology before you sleep, to help you fall asleep better. The more mindful we are about what we do, the better our quality of life.

So if you feel like you have been stuck in a rut lately, take a look at how you have been starting and ending your day and see what positive, mindful changes, you can make to both routines. They will slowly but surely improve your overall well-being.

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