How to mindfully manage your stress

We all experience a certain amount of stress in our day to day lives. We may often  struggle to balance our work and life, or we may find it harder to separate them due to our working from home situations. Whatever levels of stress we experience, it is important for us to know how to recognise the signs to help us cope better with it. April is stress Awareness month in the UK, and the good news is that mindfulness can help us manage our stress.

Meditation is of course one of the methods, but even taking 5 minutes during a daily task, to focus internally on how you are feeling, can also help reduce stress levels. If you are feeling overwhelmed by juggling too many tasks, take a step back and write a list from the most important task, down to the least.

Do you have a random drawer that needs decluttering? Allow yourself a quick tidy up of it while listening to some music and notice how much better you will feel afterwards. This tip is particularly good if you feel you have been procrastinating as it will give you your motivation back.

Sadly there are many forms of stress and each individual reacts to it differently. Therefore the sooner we notice our stress levels the better we learn to help ourselves. Of course this process is not going to be an easy one and won’t happen overnight. It will require lots of self evaluation and will be a work in progress. By adding some dedicated time to Mindfulness during our day, we can definitely help alleviate our stress levels.

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