Maddison Skies to release their new single Teenage Fantasy on 21st July 2021!

Maddison Skies are POLLY ~ THEA ~ SOPHIE

We’re all facing another ‘new normal’ as everyone begins to start life after lockdown and for Maddison Skies, a new normal meant a big change as we said goodbye and hello to old and new and we are now moving on stronger than ever.


Teenage Fantasy cover art

The lifted restrictions meant Polly, Thea & Sophie ‘Maddison Skies’ could actually travel and produce their first official music video for their upcoming new track Teenage Fantasy… The track is upbeat, full of summer fun and has a backstory that everyone can relate to – ‘Do you remember your teenage years and a teenage crush?’

TEENAGE FANTASY – Single & Video release date 21st July 2021

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