Maddison Skies Double Debut Duped By Covid-19


Maddison Skies

Maddison Skies (Polly, Thea and Sophie) are the young, fresh girl group that formed only last year, virtually, during lockdown. They, like other performers in this arts industry, worked hard behind the scenes waiting patiently for the pandemic to ease. Yet, finally as the girls geared up for their next new single TEENAGE FANTASY which releases on 21st July, they also looked forward to their first ever live performance which was scheduled for 16th July, in Coventry, misfortune struck, seeing Sophie test positive for Covid. ‘

Sophie recalls, ‘After being in the vicinity of a person with a known case I was obligated to do the right thing and have a test. I was so devastated when my results came back ‘positive’ and I know this was so disappointing for Thea and Polly too, but they are so understanding and supportive. Thankfully we’ll be able to move out ‘first live gig to another date’.

Maddison Skies comprising of Polly, Thea and Sophie were due to head the bill Friday’s Coventry with their new single Teenage Fantasy, which would have also been their debut performance together. Up until now the girls have been locked behind ‘computer and phone screens’ and as it was going to be their first live performance ever, they were naturally nervous, emotional, excited and couldn’t wait to perform for their accumulating fans! Thea is from Coventry, so this performance was special for her, especially to introduce Polly & Sophie to her home. The girls had already been introduced to Sophie’s roots in Margate, Kent, where they shot the video for this new single. ‘Although we are disappointed and more heartbroken for Sophie, it doesn’t matter, we’ve been locked down and waited this long, a few more weeks won’t matter.’ Thea went on to say how proud she’ll be to perform as part of Maddison Skies in her hometown, ‘I’ve seen this group grow from strength to strength and for me it makes Coventry the perfect location for our first performance. Next stop Polly’s roots, she’s from Nottingham, and so we need to head that way next if we can.’

The girls are so excited about the release of their new track Teenage Fantasy and summing the track up in a few words Polly says, ‘Everyone remembers their first crush. so we are sure this will relate to all generations.’
The girls will be back at Fridays Coventry in support of Youth Potential in Coventry as soon as Sophie is well enough and as many bands and artists look forward to performing live again, so do the girls from Maddison Skies. This will be the beginning of the future months to come with lots of gigging and live festivals.



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