Single Review: Teenage Fantasy from Maddison Skies

I really do enjoy writing new single reviews, especially for new and upcoming artists. This will be my second single review for girl group Maddison Skies. Their latest single is called Teenage Fantasy and releases on 21st July.

Teenage Fantasy cover art

We all have those moments when we listen to music to feel nostalgia. To me, that is the sound of Maddison Skies latest release Teenage Fantasy which talks about your first crush at school. We all remember our first crush right? Even if you don’t, Teenage Fantasy will help you remember!

Having listened to previous singles of Maddison Skies (To the Moon and Back, From Different Worlds, Fireworks), I was curious to hear what Teenage Fantasy would sound like and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! The sound is fresh, current and their style has evolved from their previous releases.

The lyrics of the song focus on trying to find out whether their crush is real or just a fantasy, and I like the mix of singing and spoken lyrics. The girls have unique vocals which help the song flow. It’s an upbeat, happy, pop track which is perfect for the summer time.

Teenage Fantasy from Maddison Skies releases on 21st July.

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