Favourite Songs of the Month: Ed Sheeran, Sigrid and Rag n Bone Man

It’s been a while since I have shared my favourite songs from the month. There are a few reasons for this, one of them being life and the other that I wasn’t really connecting with any new music but I am now happy that this has changed and after taking a break from sharing my favourite songs of the month and I will now back with 3!

Starting of with Ed Sheeran’s Bad Habits. Ed is back with a bang and it is no surprise that Bad Habits has already climbed the charts! A funky, feel good track that will instantly have you singing a long, Bad Habits maybe different from Ed’s previous works, but he has really managed all change and upgrade his style, without it sounding too unlike him, which is most difficult for any artist to do. I also love the music video which has a vampire theme (vampire diaries and the originals fan here!) and it ties in well with the songs lyrics. This song a definite summer song.

Next up, I love Mirror by Sigrid. I have previously liked her track Strangers and I also love the positive, happy melody of Mirror. It is a unique song that talks about the ending of a relationship, that makes you fall back in love with yourself (I love who I see, looking at me in the Mirror…) dubbed the “selfish” song, The song is actually promoting self love and the importance of not losing yourself in a relationship. Sigrid’s angelic vocals pack a punch making Mirror my second favourite song.

Finally, we have Alone by Rag n Bone Man. I was floored by the sensitivity of the lyrics of this song, that are entirely female orientated yet are sung by a man. Rag n Bone Man has had much success with his album and its really no surprise when it features tracks like Alone.

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