Danish singer-songwriter William Wassinger releases his debut album In The Middle Of It All

22-year-old William Wassinger is no ordinary singer-songwriter.

Born and raised in the neighborhood of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, William has had a rather tough childhood. Growing up alongside criminals and alcoholics, bad role models were familiar faces, and learning to handle things on your own, a custom.

William Wassinger

William’s childhood surroundings had a big impact on his later life, and taught him valuable lessons. Most importantly, how to hold on to something true, to believe in your dreams and daring to wear your heart on your sleeve at all times. This was especially useful, when he struggled to stay in school, and music and songwriting turned into a reliable friend and grew into something deeply meaningful to William.

Danish singer-songwriter William Wassinger, began his career one late summer evening in 2019, when he coincidentally met the former drummer in his previous band Albert Langeskov, who by then, had built his own home studio.

Album cover

William played him the songs he had written and the two of them began the studio recordings of what was originally supposed to be an EP. During the extended period of recording, countless new songs were written, and eight of them replaced the original ones, so at this point only To Save A Princess and Am I Holding You Back remained on his debut album In The Middle Of It All.

All the songs written by William during this time, were born from the experience of his turbulent childhood and broken relationships. The universe of In The Middle Of It All took shape in the heart of a young man, who wanted to change his life and managed to do so through the honesty of his songwriting. It was the writing and composing journey that led him to face the truth, embrace all the hardship, and create an authentic life.

Finally, in the 10th, and last, song of the album, which carries the same name as the album, William rounds off the entire story, all based on true events and emotions, in a six minutes long ballad – a chronological tale of all the love and pain he felt throughout his life, culminating in the present, where he has learnt not to run away from it, but to live In The Middle Of It All.

The lyrics from the last part of In The Middle Of It All:

“All the while the life I lived

is thrown at me from every side

I will just embrace it all

now I will never try to hide

No, I will just breathe it in

like I’ve never done before

Cause life can be beautiful

and now I’m not running anymore

I wanna feel it in the middle of it all”

In The Middle Of It All is out on all streaming platforms from January 21, 2022.



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