Update on my journey into Mindfulness

It will be 5 years this October, since I embarked on my journey into Mindfulness. The very first stop of my journey began with attending a Mindfulness session which was held by a coworker, and after that, it literally became a way of life for me.

Since beginning to understand the concept of Mindfulness, which essentially is living intentionally in the present moment, and becoming a workplace Mindfulness coach myself, it has greatly improved my day to day life. Before learning about Mindfulness, I had a not so great short term memory, I would constantly feel overwhelmed with how much I had to do and wouldn’t cope well if situations changed or became out in my control. While they might seem like normal feelings we all experience, practicing mindfulness allowed me to regain a sense of calm and understanding which we can often lose sight of.

As a Mindfulness coach, I have attended two eight week Mindfulness courses during these five years. The first course in 2019, allowed me to study Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR). I believe this course to be the foundation of Mindfulness and I would recommend it to anyone. Last year, I attended a Mindfulness self compassion course which helped me understand how we can and need to be kinder and ourselves. This course was a real eye opener and its teachings will be a constant work in progress for me.

I now have a daily meditation routine, that I recently increased from ten minutes to fifteen, each evening. I  often look forward to this time each day, as not only does it allow me to mentally relax, it also allows me to process my thoughts of the day. I definitely persevered when it came to meditation, and that is why I can now see the results. With all new habits, you have to give them enough chances and time, before you begin to notice any progress. Don’t give up; discipline is the key to success.

I hope this update will give some useful tips to anyone who is contemplating mindfulness. You don’t need to change everything you’re doing, you just need to start noticing/paying attention to what you’re always doing.

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