Jem Girl at the Piano is a music and mindfulness blog that has been created by Jemma Rajyaguru who lives in London, UK. Jemma is a pianist (grade 7 with a grade 6 in music theory ABRSM and a GCSE in Music) and she also plays the keyboard and recorder. You can listen to Jemma’s piano playing at her Instagram @jemgirl_atpiano. Follow requests are welcome.

What initially meant to be a music blog aimed at supporting upcoming artists, and reminiscing songs from the classic era, Jemma also has a keen interest in the topic of Mindfulness, and she has decided to  share her knowledge about Mindfulness at the blog. Jemma is a certified Mindfulness coach, after having taught Mindfulness in a corporate environment for over a year, and completing an 8 week Mindfulness MBSR course in the subject. Music is a mindful activity and so it is wonderful to be able to combine both important areas of Jemma’s life, here at the blog.

Jem Girl at the Piano features in the UK Top 40 Music blogs list at Feedspot.

Jemma would love to hear from you! If you have any enquiries, please use the contact form below:

(c) 2015-2022 All content presented at the blog is copyrighted to ‘Jem Girl at the Piano’ and must not be reproduced without consent.

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