Establishing a mindful routine

During my own research into the subject of Mindfulness, one thing that I noticed was how often it can be overlooked that mindfulness can be practiced regularly and not just during a set day or time.

The beauty of mindfulness is that it allows us to practice it, at any given time (as long as we choose to remember), when we feel we are safe and even while we are performing our routine daily activities.

A common factor that we all experience while we perform our everyday activities such as brushing our teeth and combing our hair, is that we automatically go into auto-pilot mode as we are so accustomed to these activities. When this happens, our minds will naturally wander and so remove us from the present moment.

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Mindfulness: Types of Meditation Practices

When I began my Mindfulness journey 2 years ago, I knew very little about meditation and the different types of it. Like many, I understood the basic practice of meditation as sitting down with a good posture, for 5/10 minutes.

I certainly did not fully understand the true benefits of this practice, nor the fact that you don’t necessarily have to be sitting down to meditate. There are, actually, many forms of meditation. Fast forward a year and as I began to teach and fully embrace and appreciate Mindfulness, through an 8 week course, I learnt about the different forms of meditation and I have simplified them in the list below:

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What is Meditation? Breaking the myths

Following on from my what is mindfulness article, I wanted to take a moment to clarify what meditation really is. My aim, as always, is to provide an easy to follow guidance for anyone wanting to understand and implement Mindfulness into their daily lives.

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been around for longer than any of us can imagine. It involves sitting down comfortably for either five, ten, fifteen, twenty or even thirty minutes and simply focusing on your breath and observing your thoughts during that time. Meditating provides individuals with the opportunity to pause during a busy day, and actually focus on how we are truly feeling – something which would often go unnoticed in the busy-ness of our everyday lives, yet is so very important.

Over time, meditation itself has adaped to many different forms. You can meditate while walking, showeing, sitting at a desk (more on this topic in a future post). As always, with any kind of self development tool, there are always unfortunate myths that surround it, and I aim to break some of these myths with this article.

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Album Review: Zen Relaxation by Aroshanti

I recently discovered wonderful meditation music by Aroshanti (Nick Truch). After listening to and enjoying the track Illumination, I decided to listen to the full album.

When I meditate, I don’t always listen to a guided meditation, and that is where relaxation music comes in. Mostly always instrumental, relaxation music helps to provide a calming atmosphere that can help you meditate, perform yoga, or drift off to sleep peacefully.



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4 Helpful Mindfulness tools

There are often times when we would like to apply Mindfulness to our everyday life, but we feel that we don’t have the time to pause or meditate, especially during a busy work day.

Through my own research into Mindfulness, I have (so far) discovered four tools or concepts, that we can mentally carry with us. Through our self awareness, we can apply these tools when relevant situations arise, therefore utilising Mindfulness when we need it the most.

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