What is Mindfulness? Breaking the myths of an important practice

Ever since I began my journey into Mindfulness almost two years ago, I began to realise just how important it is, to incorporate the practice into our daily lives.

The true essence of Mindfulness is to live fully in the present moment. That means when you are enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, you are fully focused on how it tastes, smells and how comforting it makes you feel. Mindfulness is essentially learning the art of self-awareness. The more self aware we are, the more we can recognise how we are feeling and then be able to manage our stress levels better.

The main technique used in Mindfulness practice, is bringing your attention to your breathing. Your breath can be used as the main anchor, when you have noticed that your mind and attention have wandered off, taking you away from the present moment. Our breath ultimately guides us back to the present while reminding us constantly that we are alive.

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Life Update: A day of silence – sharing my experience of a Mindfulness retreat day

On the 26th October I attended a Mindfulness silent retreat day. This retreat was a part of an 8 week Mindfulness course I was attending (part of my Mindfulness training) and while my blog is primarily about sounds and music, I wanted to share my experience of spending a day in silence (10am – 4pm) at The Minduflness Project and the profound positive impact it has had on me.

The aim of a silent mindful retreat, is to allow one to be able to focus on longer meditation practices, and light yoga as a way of noticing how these techniques can help us to cope with stress (MBSR – Mindfulness based stress reduction) and keep us fully present in the moment. This was the very first time I ever attended any kind of retreat day and I am happy to report that it was a positive experience.

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Life Update: Embarking on a journey of Mindfulness

It’s been a while since I have given a life update, purely because there has just been so much going on. As previously mentioned here at the blog, I work as an operational administrator at the mental health CIC Mental Health First Aid England.

Last year, as we celebrated World Mental Health Day in October, I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Mindfulness class. It was then that I started to learn, about how we can cultivate our minds to focus solely on the present moment, through various techniques such as breathing and meditation. The reason why this became an important practice for me, is because I began to realise just how much of my life was spent on auto-pilot mode without being fully present in each moment. Fast forward to February this year, and I am teaching the benefits of Mindfulness to my colleagues, every Wednesday morning at 9am for 30 minutes.

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