Westlife Wednesday: What Makes A Man

This weeks Westlife Wednesday song is the romantic ballad What Makes a Man. I was going to choose a song in sequence of albums, but this one features higher on my list of favourites so had to mention it this week. What Makes a Man features on the bands second album Coast to Coast, and was the third single to release from the album.

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Westlife Wednesday: Flying Without Wings

This week’s Westlife Wednesday features their next big hit Flying Without Wings – a song that means so much to so many people.

Flying Without Wings released in 1999 and became the third biggest selling single for Westlife, according to Wikipedia. The video of the song depicts its meaning very well. Shane and Mark are the main singers on the track with Bryan, Nicky and Kian on the backing vocals. While Shane’s vocals have the correct emotional force, its Mark’s voice that truly elevates the song to another level.

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Westlife Wednesday: Swear it Again

To celebrate the recent Westlife reunion, I have decided to share my favourite songs from the band, here at the blog, over the next month or so every Wednesday.

Their first song that I will be sharing is their very first single from their very first album, Swear it Again. I remember instantly falling in love with the melody of the song, the piano intro and Shane’s emotional vocals. This song marked the beginning for the band and I feel they bought true romance (from a male perspective) back into pop music.

Shane has sung the majority of the song and he already showed a high level of sincerity in his strong vocals. Mark provided some variation by singing the higher parts of the romantic song, in a more embellished and dramatic manner, and this singing combination is something we are treated to in their future songs as well.

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My live music experiences part 1: Western Music concerts

I recently had the pleasure of attending the ARRahman concert at Wembley arena in July, and as I was attending a concert after a long time, it made me think about all of the concerts that I have been to so far. I thought it would be a great idea to share my experience of attending these concerts, here at the blog and so I have decided to split them into Western Music and Bollywood Music categories. In this post, I shall talk about my Western Music concert experiences.

I was only 8 years old when I attended my first live concert at Wembley Stadium, which was for the legend Michael Jackson during his Dangerous tour in 1992. I went with my family and unfortunately te concert got cancelled the first time round, and so we went again on the re-scheduled date. The atmosphere was electric to say the least, and as I was only 8 years old, I was totally overwhelmed with the level of the music, and audience noise but I am extremely grateful to this day, that I had the opportunity to witness a legend and Music icon like MJ, perform live.

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My Favourite cover songs ~ Part 3

Returning back to my favourite cover songs feature with part 3, and this time, I will be talking about the song ‘Without You’.

‘Without You’ is a song which is originally sung by singer Harry Nilsson. The song had released in 1972 and was later famously covered by diva Mariah Carey in 1993. My favourite version of the song is Mariah’s version. She has performed the song on such a high level, that it is almost hard to ignore the emotionally charged strength in her performance.

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My Favourite Cover Songs ~ Part 2

Continuing the series of cover songs, with my second most favourite cover of the song ‘Dreams’.

‘Dreams’ is a song that is originally written and composed by one of my most favourite and popular bands of the ’70’s Fleetwood Mac. They comprise of musicians Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks and ace guitarist Lindsey Buckingham. ‘Dreams’ features on their highly popular album ‘Rumours’ and was covered by my favourite Irish band The Corrs in the 1990’s who gave the song a magical uplift.

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My Favourite Cover Songs ~ Part 1

I am finally back with a new blog post and this time, it is all about my favourite cover songs!

Cover songs are a very common occurrence in Western music. They can often boost an artists career, or help to launch a new artist, and give them the much needed exposure. In Bollywood Music cover songs are created in a slightly different manner. They can often be heard in the form of epic performances on music based reality shows or in the form of YouTube covers from upcoming artists who are trying to get noticed by the Bollywood Music industry.

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My favourite Music of 2015: Part 3 ~ Emeli Sande/The Corrs

Favourite Music of 2015 Part 3: Emeli Sande/The Corrs

After not listening to much Western Music at all (especially not over the last 5 years or so), I finally fell in love with its diverse sound again this year, in the form of Emeli Sande’s (now 3 year old album!) ‘Our Version of Events’. After a very long time, I found a female artist who has both strength and power not just in her voice, but also in her music! My last favourite female artist of this kind, was Alicia Keys and now it is Emeli!

The album ‘Our Version of Events’ is not only lyrically rich, but also covers a wide range of music genres, as well as emotions (that nearly every female can relate to). My most favourite track of the album is ‘Mountains’, followed very closely by the first track ‘Heaven’ which I personally feel has a perfect sound in every phrase. There are not many artists who put 19 of their songs on one album but I can definitely say, that not one of the 19 tracks is weak! This is a highly recommended album from my side! My Top 5 from ‘Our Version of Events’ 1) Mountains 2) Heaven 3) My Kind of Love 4) Read All About It 5)Breaking the Law.

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