The virtual concert to watch: Angus Munro

If there is one thing that has been keeping me going during this lockdown, it is looking forward to the fortnightly virtual concerts from musician Angus Munro.

Angus has featured in the blog a couple of times as he is a very talented artist as well as an amateur piano wrestler! Watching his hour long concerts, give you a real insight into his amazing vocals (of a higher range) and show you his versatility as a singer. Some of Angus’s original compositions include Mirror Man and Equalizer.

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Favourite Song of the Month: I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

Sharing one of my favourite songs at the blog every month, has become a tradition of sorts. After contemplating whether or not to keep it going, I have decided that I will, as not only does it bring a sense of nostalgia, but reminds me of the songs that I have truly loved over time. Previously called Favourite Golden Oldie song, I have now renamed this feature to Favourite Song of the Month. This month I have chosen I Knew I Loved You from Savage Garden.

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Musical Thoughts: Virtual Concerts

A short term solution or a new sustainable reality?

As the world has slowly but surely adapted to a big change in circumstances and way of living, the thought of being able to attend a music concert or a festival have been out of the question. With many upcoming concerts now being cancelled or rescheduled, concert organisers and artists have come together to find new ways to bring music to their audience.

As an avid live music fan, (I attended two concerts by myself last year), I have welcomed the invention of virtual concerts. Have I attended any of them? Only a couple of Instagram lives and I have been thinking why that is the case. Let’s take a look.

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Favourite Golden Oldie: A Lovely Day – Bill Withers

The music world lost a music legend recently and that was Mr Bill Withers. One of mine and my family’s favourite songs from Bill Withers is A Lovely Day. I personally feel that this particular song of his tends to get overlooked as people remember his other hits Ain’t No Sunshine and Lean on Me much more, and of course, with good reason too!

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The Musicians in Lockdown

While many of us have had to sadly pause our normal routines, as the world faces and bravely battles a pandemic, nearly all of our entertainment industries have been affected by the crisis, with some of our favourite musicians suffering the most.

Many concerts, gigs and even world tours have had to be cancelled and re-scheduled, but despite all of this, it hasn’t dampened the spirits of our favourite artists as they have found new ways to keep us all entertained.

Social media maybe considered to be a bane or a boon, but under these new and challenging circumstances of self isolation, it has definitely proved to be the latter. Some of my favourite artists have been either uploading daily or sharing regular clips of them singing and learning their favourite songs, on their chosen social media platform the most common being Instagram.

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