Favourite Song of the Month: 2002 by Anne-Marie

I have become a big fan of singer-songwriter Anne-Marie, since watching her YouTube documentary How to be Anne-Marie and seeing her judge The Voice. She has a real bubbly, genuine personality and she truly is one of the brightest stars in the music industry.

One of my favourite songs of hers is her track 2002, which I would often hear on the radio. It is such a happy song, that makes it hard to ignore. After watching the music video, it’s clear that the song is also a tribute to Anne-Marie’s favourite popular Britney Spears. This is also evident in the lyrics of 2002 that features the line hit me baby one more time, as well as the music video being set against the backdrop of a high school.

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Favourite Song of the Month: Beautiful Noise by Neil Diamond

Legendary singer-songwriter Neil Diamond recently celebrated his 80th birthday (24th January) . To celebrate, BBC Four played a series of programmes dedicated to Neil, including old concert footage at the BBC and his 2008 Glastonbury set. Having grown up listening to the unforgettable sound of Neil Diamond, I thought it would be only fitting to pay tribute to him and so my favourite song of the month is Beautiful Noise.

Beautiful Noise is taken from Neil’s album In My Lifetime. I have always been drawn to the song as I felt it has been cleverly written, as it’s about a singer describing the sounds (music) that he hears as a Beautiful Noise.

Beautiful Noise cover art

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Favourite Song of the Month: Words by the BeeGees

Over the Christmas holidays, Sky documentaries premiered the two hour BeeGees documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. As someone who has grown up listening and enjoying the music of the band, I recently watched the documentary and decided to dedicate this month’s favourite song to them.

I have so many favourite BeeGees songs, that it was incredibly difficult to choose only one of them for this month. I chose Words because it is one of my top favourites and has had some great covers too (Boyzone being one of them).


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Favourite Songs of the Month: Golden by Harry Styles & Diamonds by Sam Smith

This month, I am combining my favourite song from last month, with my current favourite song (phew!), as I had chosen a classic song in November. I still wanted to include a current favourite which is Golden by Harry Styles, taken from the album Fine Line.

I have definitely been enjoying Harry’s album Fine Line and Golden is no exception. I particularly love the music video bcause every time I watch it, it leaves me feeling genuinely happy! We definitely need more music videos like that this year! Especially ones like this where there is no confusing storyline and the artist of the song remains in the forefront. The song itself is very upbeat, romantic and happy. If you haven’t heard it yet, do check it out below. You’ll surely see why Mr Harry Styles has become everyone’s favourite artist this year!

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Favourite Song of the Month: (Everything I Do) I Do it for You by Bryan Adams

On the 21st of each month, I share my current favourite song. It can be an old song or a new song, and I choose to share it to give inspiration to anyone who is looking for some new music, and enjoys the kind of music that I share here at the blog.

This months choice is one of the most popular songs of the 90’s (Everything I Do) I Do it for You by the one and only Bryan Adams. This song has always been one of my favourties and ever since I watched the film it featured in (Robin Hood Prince of Thieves), I had always wanted to learn to play it on the piano (something that I managed to achieve this year!). The song is a perfect love song, with heart touching vocals, the perfect blend of soft rock, and a noteworthy key change that elevates the song to a higher level and lyrically makes its strongest points, before closing with its diminuendo.

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