Favourite Golden Oldie: Love is All Around – Wet Wet Wet

Since the end of November, I have been choosing my favourite songs which are from famous movie soundtracks. I have shared my thoughts about why I love I Have Nothing from The Bodyguard, I’ve Had The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing and now for January, I have chosen Love is All Around which is by Wet Wet Wet and is from the 90’s cult film Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The main reason why I have chosen this song is not only because I love listening to it so much (even today), but it was one of the first pop songs that I ever learnt to play on the piano. It spent a ridiculous amount of time at number one in the charts and the band are famous for asking it to be removed as they got fed up of hearing it played everywhere!

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Favourite Golden Oldie song: I’ve Had The Time of My Life – Dirty Dancing

Continuing the theme of selecting my favourite songs from popular movies, this month I have chosen the popular, romantic track (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley (The Righteous Brothers) and Jennifer Warnes which featured in the movie Dirty Dancing.

Dirty Dancing was a film that had a real craze attached to it thanks to its charming and good looking actor/dancer Patrick Swayze, and this song is truly a cult favourite of not just mine but a lot of people who have enjoyed the film.

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Favourite Golden Oldie: I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

On the 21st of each month, I share and talk about one of my favourite classic songs. These are songs that I have loved listening to whilst growing up, or songs that have made a lasting impact on me. This month is the same although with a twist, as I am sharing a favourite song of mine, that is linked to a film soundtrack.

I do have Magic radio station to thank for this, as whenever I have been listening to them in the evening, they tend to play I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston taken from Bodyguard the movie. I remember watching the film way back when, and it was always I Will Always Love You that tended to overshadow the rest of the songs and yet everytime I hear I Have Nothing, Whitney’s voice literally stops me in my tracks and my full attention is on the song.

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Favourite Golden Oldie song: Enough by Simply Red

This month’s favourite golden oldie song is Enough by Simply Red who are one of my favourite music bands and icons.

I grew up listening to their music since the late 80s and Enough (which is on the album A New Flame), has always been a firm favourite of mine. Not only is it a smooth jazz track, it has an incredible jazz piano solo in the middle of the song, yet the lyrics convey thoughts about the breakdown of a relationship, set against a very jazzy backdrop!

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Favourite Golden Oldie song: Flying Without Wings acoustic version from Westlife

This month’s favourite golden oldie song has definitely been shared before at my blog, but as I love revisiting different versions of my favourite classic songs,I will be sharing a different version of it this time. The song in question is Flying Without Wings by Westlife.

Westlife have recently ended the first leg of their world tour and last weekend they performed an amazing set at the BBC Radio 2 Hyde Park concert. Before the concert, they gave an interview to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2, and performed an exclusive acoustic version of their all time hit song Flying Without Wings.

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Favourite Golden Oldie: Deep Waters by Jack Savoretti

This months favourite golden oldie song is another favourite of mine from singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti. I am still enjoying his music (6 wonderful albums and 6 months since discovering him, later) and I have discovered yet another favourite which is the haunting Deep Waters from the album Sleep no More.

I love everything about this song: right from the haunting guitar melody, Jack’s positive yet emotive vocals and the way the song describes the often troubled times of relationships “At the risk of losing you, I keep doing what I do…never stop pushing through these Deep Waters…”

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Favourite Golden Oldie: Ocean Drive by Lighthouse Family

One of the best things that has happened in the world of Music recently, is the reformation of various artists who were with us during the 1990’s. We have had bands like Westlife, Spice Girls reunite and now the duo of the Lighthouse Family Paul Tucker and Tunde Baiyewu have come back together and have recently released their brand new album Blue Sky in my Head.

While I am yet to listen to their new album (I am looking forward to listening to it), I am thrilled with their return as I consider their songs Lifted, High and Ocean Drive as staples of my music childhood and this is why I have chosen to share Ocean Drive as this month’s favourite golden oldie song.

Ocean Drive – Lighthouse Family

The overall sound and vibe of Lighthouse Family, is a true representation of easy listening music. Tunde’s light, breezy and emotive vocals carry each of their songs and Ocean Drive is no different. It always fascinates me as to how a song can make you feel happy with how it sounds, yet if you pay attention to its lyrics, you will find a hint of darkness in them. Ocean Drive is a reflection of this combination, as the lyrics talk about someone who is trying to find their new path from a previous relationship “He left you black and blue without a word of hesitation, and he took your love for granted and left you high and dry…” but the song has a positive ending and hope of a new beginning as the lyrics continue “you’ll wonder what you see in him anyway…when the clouds arrive we’ll live on Ocean Drive…”

I guarantee you will definitely take a trip down melody and memory lane, once you listen to the melodious Ocean Drive. I hope you all enjoy this month’s favourite golden oldie song.

Favourite Golden Oldie: Whiskey Tango by Jack Savoretti

This month’s golden oldie song, is another gem from my Artist of the Month (for May), Jack Savoretti. I know we are in June already, but as I have been listening to and enjoying this man’s incredible music since the past three months, I feel it is only fair for me to continue sharing my favourite songs by him, and Whiskey Tango is definitely one of them, which is from the album Sleep no More.

Jack Savoretti: Anticipation by Alison Goldfrapp commissioned by American Express to celebrate Summer Series at Somerset House. Picture: Alison Goldfrapp

On the outset, Whiskey Tango sounds like a happy summer song, yet has a darkness to its lyrics, as the song talks of a lover who is trying his best to fix his relationship back together “…trying to make it better but I just can’t make it right…”. The composition of the song makes it flow from start to finish, and the breaks in the melodies also give the song a special touch.

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Favourite Golden Oldie song: Breaking the Rules by Jack Savoretti

As I have decided to dedicate the month of May to my latest discovery and current favourite artist, Jack Savoretti, I think it is only fitting that this months favourite golden oldie features his song Breaking the Rules from his album Before the Storm.

Ever since I bought all of Jack’s albums last month, I keep on discovering gems in his work and this includes Breaking the Rules, which is almost a reflection of his struggle in life and also making it within the music industry.

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Favourite Golden Oldie: Back Where I Belong/Jack in a Box by Jack Savoretti

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that when I discover an artist who becomes a firm favourite, I will naturally listen to and obsess over all of their work. The artist who I have most recently fallen in love with is none other than British singer-songwriter Jack Savoretti.

After reviewing his latest sixth, number 1 silver album Singing to Strangers, I decided to listen to the rest of his work and have naturally discovered many more favourites including songs which I had previously heard, but hadn’t then realised, that they belonged to Jack (major facepalm) ! These songs will feature as favourites over the coming months.

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