New Music Monday: Amar Mallika Bone a new SANAM regional

This week’s new music monday features the latest regional release from SANAM Amar Mallika Bone.

If you are unfamiliar with the band SANAMs regional releases, here is some background info for you: from time to time, the band like to release a regional song which means they will give a rendition of a song from another language other than Hindi. Their latest is in Bengali, and in the description box of the video, they have also provided the English translation of the song to make it easy for those who do not understand Bengali.

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New Music Monday: Kanha Re ft Mohan sisters and Dancing by Kylie

This week’s New Music Monday features two recent releases and they are total polar opposites in terms of their music genres. The first release features the popular Mohan sisters and their latest collaboration Kanha Re.

Kanha Re sees all three sisters (Neeti, Shakti and Mukti) come together for a very unique performance. Kanha Re depicts their love for Lord Krishna and we get to see Neeti as Meera (and of course, she also sings the song), while Shakti and Mukti show different sides of Radha. The video is a visual treat, and we also get to see Neeti perform classical dancing alongside both of her sisters. Enjoy the beauty and magic of Kanha Re below.

Kanha Re – featuring the Mohan sisters

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New Music Monday: Teri Meri Kahani by Nouman Javaid

This week’s New Music Monday features a new release from one of my favourite artists Nouman Javaid. If you are a regular reader of Girl at the Piano, you may already be familiar with Nouman’s work that I have previously shared on the blog.

Nouman Javaid

Nouman’s latest release is the romantic Teri Meri Kahani which he has written, composed and sung for a popular serial from Pakistan called Teri Meri Kahani which airs on Hum TV. Now even though the song has been composed keeping the serial in mind, I feel that it is also strong enough as a stand alone track on its own. I have been fortunate enough to know Nouman personally since 2009, and while listening to his work, I was blown away to learn the importance of songs in Pakistani serials as this concept is not even taken so seriously in the Hindi television industry, so it really came as a surprise to me.

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New Music Monday: Introducing music composer Somnath Roy

One of my main reasons for creating Girl at the Piano was to be able to share the work of upcoming musicians who often miss out on the mainstream attention they deserve, and so after recently introducing the talented musician Marcus Corbett, it gives me great pleasure to introduce another music composer Somnath Roy (also known as Tattu).

Somnath Roy

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New Music Monday: SANAM Mennu – now enjoy the video!

The 2nd of February saw the release of the next SANAMOriginal SANAM Mennu. This is the first time the fab four have released an audio, before releasing the video of the song. You can stream and download the audio of SANAM Mennu on all popular streaming services.

The band have just released the video of the song which also comes with subtitles for those who are not familiar with the Punjabi language. The video has been shot in Goa and the song explains a common phase that most romantic relationships experience.

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New Music Monday: The unique fusion of Indian classical and Western music, from musician Marcus Corbett

This week’s New Music Monday post is a rather special one. I have been recently introduced to a wonderful new genre of music which is a fusion of two existing music genres, and which to some might seem an almost impossible combination to achieve, but has been made possible thanks to the highly talented musician Marcus Corbett.

Marcus is a renowned musician from the UK, who has successfully managed to fuse Indian classical music with Western acoustic guitar in order to give the listener an entirely fresh sound. Marcus has not only submerged himself into the world of Indian classical music, but has also learnt to play the tabla and sing in Indian classical style so as to better incorporate the sound in his own music. While he is an expert acoustic guitarist, he has collaborated with several Indian classical musicians who have lent their talents on his album Every Little Spirit. Check out this short promo clip, to gain a better understanding into Marcus’s sound as well as a recent interview:

Marcus Corbett promo:

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New Music Monday: one song, two renditions ~ Dil Diyan Gallan

This week’s New Music Monday features one song, with two different renditions! Dil Diyan Gallan from the Bollywood film Tiger Zinda Hai has become the most popular new track that has attracted many singers and bands to showcase their own renditions of the song.

After fab four SANAM released their version of the song at the very beginning of 2018, two other versions which have caught my attention are by singers Jonita Gandhi and Sonu Kakkar.

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New Music Monday: Dil Diyan Gallan ~ SANAM

Wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year! It feels awesome to start the New Year with a New Music Monday post and this time, the release is a SANAMrendition of the recent Bollywood hit Dil Diyan Gallan from the film Tiger Zinda Hai.

Dil Diyan Gallan is a light romantic track and I can clearly see how well it fits the SANAM vibe. After having a good few renditions in Punjabi (Ishq Bulaava, Garmi Di Tu, Itni Door), it is always wonderful to hear lead singer Sanam Puri sing so effortlessly in Punjabi once again.

The video has a very chilled vibe to it and we get to see the fab four sitting together with their musical instruments, which is the way we know and love them, the best! Enjoy the first New Music Monday post of the new year!

Dil Diyan Gallan ~ SANAM

New Music Monday: Tera Zikr by Darshan Raval

As we get closer to the end of 2017, the amount of new releases tends to dip as many are saved for next year. However, I have just decided to write an almost last minute New Music Monday, for a song that has recently caught my attention, and has stayed in my mind even though it has been a month since it released. The song in question is popular Bollywood singer Darshan Raval‘s latest single Tera Zikr.

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New Music Monday: Jaane Woh Kaise ~ SANAM rendition

It feels like absolutely ages, since I have written a New Music Monday post, but thankfully, there is one this week featuring the wonderful new rendition from SANAM Jaane Woh Kaise (Log Thay Jinke Pyar Ko Pyar Mila).

This classic song which is originally from the Bollywood film Pyaasa (1957) is extremely close to lead singer Sanam Puri and SANAM collectively; and from the video, it is clear that the band have taken extra efforts in executing their rendition of the song. Set in a seemingly old style house, the video sees bass guitarist Venky S playing the double-bass (instead of his guitar) Sanam Puri at the grand piano, and both Samar and Keshav with their respective instruments.

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