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Overcoming the Fear of Meditation

Why do we find it so hard to enjoy the repetitiveness of everyday life?

Mindfulness: Making Time to be Kinder to Ourselves

Mindfulness: Are you living in the Past, Present or Future

Mindfulness and our Mental Health

How to mindfully manage your stress

Creating a mindful morning and night routine

Breathing Exercises

Establishing a mindful routine

Mindfulness: Types of Meditation Practices

What is Meditation? Breaking the myths

4 Helpful Mindfulness tools

Review: Dream with Me by Harry Styles for the Calm app

10 mindful ways to feel more present

Music is a Mindful activity

What is Mindfulness? Breaking the myths of an important practice

A Day of Silence – Sharing my experience of a Mindfulness retreat

Embarking on a journey of Mindfulness

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