My latest Piano solo ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ from All is Well

Hello all!

I am back with a quick blog post to update you on my latest Piano solo recording, which is the beautiful ‘Baaton Ko Teri’ from All is Well (Bollywood genre. Original music by Himesh Reshammiya).

I recorded this song on a Saturday, (about 2 weeks ago) after learning the song in just under a week. The multi talented Music Director and of course, my favourite (!) Himeshji, has given us such a simple, yet soulful and emotional song. This is the first time that Himeshji has recorded with Arijit and naturally, they have gelled their talents together exceptionally well.

My Baaton Ko Teri Piano Solo

In this Piano solo, I had learnt the song ‘by ear’ – this means that I am initially playing the song just from listening to the original and not from any pre written sheet Music (please note: throughout my blog, the word Music will be written with a capital M. This is not a grammatical error but a decision of choice to give importance to the greatest sound in the world). I do hope to be learning a sheet Music version of the song in the future.

I have tried my best to incorporate a lot of feelings into this recording, in order to match the emotions felt from the lyrics in the original. Originally, I am a Western Classical pianist (Bach, Mozart etc) so adding feelings to what I am playing is something that I am learning day-by-day from the genre of Bollywood Music.