The Corrs are back!

The popular Irish pop group ‘The Corrs’ have always been one of my most favourite bands since the 1990’s. I was lucky enough to see them perform live at Wembley Arena during that time and I also have all their albums. Needless to say, that I was ecstatic to watch their first performance after 10 years at Hyde Park!

I may have been unable to attend the concert, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching their performance of ‘Breathless’ which was from their 2001 released album ‘In Blue’. The group comprises of three sisters: Andrea Corr (lead vocalist), Sharon Corr (violinist and backing vocals), Caroline Corr (drummer and backing vocals) and their brother Jim Corr (guitars and keyboard). They have a unique way of blending quintessential Irish Music, with soft rock/country elements in their overall sound.

Check out the video of their performance below. They may have been away for 10 years but their presence on stage has just the same level of enchantment as before. Welcome back!

The Corrs live at Hyde Park September 2015: ‘Breathless’