Take A Funky-Intellectuial Ride With Cadillac Muzik’s “SpaceCowboy”

Texas-Based Psychedelic Soul/Funk music collective Cadillac Muzik takes you into a future funk extravaganza with their new project SpaceCowboy. Caddy Muzik spent the majority of their earlier career in the genres of Alternative & Southern Soulful Hip Hop. However, the last few projects they’ve released have blended several genres and styles. Playa Innovators, Stayin Alive, Fleetwood Blues, and O.G. Style all bounce in-between Alternative Hip Hop, Funk, Psychedelic Soul, R&B, Pop, and Rock…


Cadillac Muzik

Once again, the collective decided to team up with the talented multi- instrumentalist/super producer Moonshyne Brown to create something even more Psychedelic and genre-bending. This cut gives you the feel of Southern Hip Hop, yet takes you on an exalted intellectual journey into innovative Rock and Psychedelic Soul. The band says they were very inspired by Prince, Pink Floyd, and Lenny Kravitz as kids. With 9 independently released EP/Albums under their belt and over 5 single releases, the collective does not plan on stopping anytime soon. This is only the beginning for them…

“Our uncles, coaches, and mentors only played funk, soul, and gospel in their Cadillacs. Being from San Antonio, Texas always put pressure on us to sound and look a certain way. Everybody expected us to only sound similar to southern Houston rap culture, so we decided to switch it up and incorporate it all” -DaddyD’Vill

“We just want to put our southern Texas roots in our music, and still have the leverage to take our listeners on an even more raw-funky ride. Teaming up with Moonshyne Brown was a powerful move for us. With this project, we are going back to the roots of our style and where it originated from. Sly Stone, James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Funkadelic, and Curtis Mayfield is the foundation of our sound. With SpaceCowboy, you get all of those styles with our own modern-day twist” -CaddyMack Moses

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