Animated music video helps new music artist RXTH overcome lockdown limitations

RXTH, a Sussex based singer-songwriter, has teamed up with a talented group of animators from Colombia to bring her new single, Beauty in the Spaces to life.

Watch the video here on Youtube:

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Product Review: WeSC wired headphones

As a music lover and pianist, I am always on the lookout for good quality music accessories. I made the switch to wireless headphones in 2019, but nothing beats a good comfortable pair of wired headphones.

Having previously only used Apple’s wired headphones (I listen to my music only on my iPod/iTouch because I am old school!), discovering headphones from the Swedish brand WeSC (We are the Superlative Company), has been a real treat.

WeSC wired headphones

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Favourite Song of the Month: Words by the BeeGees

Over the Christmas holidays, Sky documentaries premiered the two hour BeeGees documentary How Can You Mend A Broken Heart. As someone who has grown up listening and enjoying the music of the band, I recently watched the documentary and decided to dedicate this month’s favourite song to them.

I have so many favourite BeeGees songs, that it was incredibly difficult to choose only one of them for this month. I chose Words because it is one of my top favourites and has had some great covers too (Boyzone being one of them).


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Poet Hussain Manawer Releases ‘Lonely’ a powerful Poetic Short Film

Poet Hussain Manawer Releases Lonely, a powerful poetic short film to normalise asking for help to overcome loneliness.

Film Released To Coincide With Blue Monday Film Directed By Stanley Morgan Includes Actors Gilbert Kyem Jnr and James Harkness from One Five Five Productions.

Poet Hussain Manawer

To coincide with Blue Monday, officially the most depressing day of the year, acclaimed poet Hussain Manawer has released Lonely – a powerful poetic short film aimed to normalise the stigma around asking for help to overcome loneliness. The film is Hussain’s first release of 2021 and comes following the release of Reflections – an emotive poem on Archwell Audio for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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Establishing a mindful routine

During my own research into the subject of Mindfulness, one thing that I noticed was how often it can be overlooked that mindfulness can be practiced regularly and not just during a set day or time.

The beauty of mindfulness is that it allows us to practice it, at any given time (as long as we choose to remember), when we feel we are safe and even while we are performing our routine daily activities.

A common factor that we all experience while we perform our everyday activities such as brushing our teeth and combing our hair, is that we automatically go into auto-pilot mode as we are so accustomed to these activities. When this happens, our minds will naturally wander and so remove us from the present moment.

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