Favourite Song of the Month: Castles by Freya Ridings

I discovered this months favourite song around the same time as Adore You by Harry Styles. I genuinely didn’t think good pop music existed anymore, until I fell in love with both of these tracks.

Singer-songwriter Freya Ridings has been working her way into mainstream music since 2016. Castles was one of her debut singles, before releasing her self titled debut album. She released a couple of tracks before Castles, Lost Without You being the most well known of the releases.

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Meditation Music Review: Illumination by Aroshanti

Since lockdown, I have gained a steady interest into soundscapes and relaxing music.
I recently discovered the music of Aroshanti – exclusive music for meditation purposes, that has been created, composed and produced by multi instrumentalist Nick Truch.

Nick Truch

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4 Helpful Mindfulness tools

There are often times when we would like to apply Mindfulness to our everyday life, but we feel that we don’t have the time to pause or meditate, especially during a busy work day.

Through my own research into Mindfulness, I have (so far) discovered four tools or concepts, that we can mentally carry with us. Through our self awareness, we can apply these tools when relevant situations arise, therefore utilising Mindfulness when we need it the most.

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American Nomads live stream from Bearsville Theatre this Saturday!

Don’t miss this Saturdays live stream from the Bearsville Theater stage:

Grammy Nominated and Top 6 Billboard Artist American Nomads on their return to Woodstock! Featuring special guest, Sweet Marie
Saturday Sept 12th, 8.00pm ET, Live Stream will be available for 24 hours. Tickets: $10 (+optional donation)

Nomads & Sweet Marie

Hear their full 90 minute live set, with 18 songs, including classics:

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Upcoming live performances from Bearsville Theatre

Tracy Bonham performing LIVE from Bearsville Theater.

Friday September 11th | 8PM EDT (available for 24hrs)
Tickets: $10

Tracy Bonham

“Bonham, from the beginning and increasingly over time, is a riveting, complicated maker of pop music.” —PopMatters

“(She) brings a sophisticated quirkiness to the femme alt-pop table unseen for quite some time.” —Billboard

Grammy nominee Tracy Bonham is celebrating yet another banner year. Her new album, Modern Burdens, made Rolling Stone’s Top 50 albums of 2017, which they describe as “a lovingly penned postcard to Bonham’s past self, and a fascinating look at where she’s at right now.”

Where she’s at—and the current wave of commercial and critical success she’s enjoying—is remarkable and rare for any artist. But for Tracy Bonham, it’s no surprise: she’s an artist who has never ceased growing and has never stopped challenging herself, her own talents, or her audience.

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