New Single Pray by Glasgow teen Connor Fyfe out on 7th May

After his last single Truth Be Told reached no 20 in the Official Scottish Single Chart upcoming teenager Connor Fyfe (14) from Bellshill is back with his new single Pray.

Connor Fyfe

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Maddison Skies talk about their new single From Different Worlds

Maddison Skies releases their new song, From Different Worlds – Out Now!

It’s the third song released from the trio, who were brought together through the pandemic. Gracie May, Thea and Sophie, are set to bring a little bit of sauce and cheekiness to our airplays. Maddison Skies are the only British Girl Group to be formed since Little Mix hit won X-factor in 2011, yet unlike Simon Cowell’s millionaire band PR and Launch, Maddison Skies had come from a more humble start, but they are once again proving that a world pandemic isn’t going to hold them back from future dreams.

From Different Worlds cover art

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How to mindfully manage your stress

We all experience a certain amount of stress in our day to day lives. We may often  struggle to balance our work and life, or we may find it harder to separate them due to our working from home situations. Whatever levels of stress we experience, it is important for us to know how to recognise the signs to help us cope better with it. April is stress Awareness month in the UK, and the good news is that mindfulness can help us manage our stress.

Meditation is of course one of the methods, but even taking 5 minutes during a daily task, to focus internally on how you are feeling, can also help reduce stress levels. If you are feeling overwhelmed by juggling too many tasks, take a step back and write a list from the most important task, down to the least.

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Schoolkids Records: Record Store Day Drops 2021

For us at Schoolkids Records and a lot of you, our favorite time of the year is almost upon us. Record Store Day 2021 fall on June 12 & July 17, 2021. As always the days will feature special releases, picture discs, unreleased music as well as  7″ singles, 10″ singles, full-length LP’s and compact discs. This year, Schoolkids Records-The Label is proud to announce 3 exclusive Record Store Day Drops titles!

Noctrorum – Sparks Lane

Noctorum – Sparks Lane

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Learn about OddKidOut a record producer, finger drummer and artist

One of the worlds most popular and respected finger drummers OddKidOut continues to rise in popularity. Praised by the likes of Timbaland, Skrilex and others OKO is currently in studio working on activations for product and gaming companies.


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