Swedish singer-songwriter Simon Alexander releases debut album A Place to Call Home

Swedish singer/songwriter Simon Alexander emerged in 2017, breathing new air into the modern folk scene with his profound lyrics and heartfelt melodies, getting comparisons to Matt Corby and Dylan LeBlanc After gaining quick recognition he was signed to record label Rehn Music Group in 2018.

The following years have contained several acclaimed releases, big features in influential music blogs and magazines, and touring various parts of Scandinavia, with prominent shows on SPOT Festival, Live at Heart, Lost In Music among others.

A Place to Call Home cover art

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Bay Bryan releases new single Sticky Shadows

American-born singer/songwriter based in Manchester releases a thought-provoking and stirring track, Sticky Shadows, the first single from their anticipated album The Meadow.

“open and vulnerable… [Bay] fosters a strong sense of community between performer and audience.”
– Phindie

Bay Bryan

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Take A Funky-Intellectuial Ride With Cadillac Muzik’s “SpaceCowboy”

Texas-Based Psychedelic Soul/Funk music collective Cadillac Muzik takes you into a future funk extravaganza with their new project SpaceCowboy. Caddy Muzik spent the majority of their earlier career in the genres of Alternative & Southern Soulful Hip Hop. However, the last few projects they’ve released have blended several genres and styles. Playa Innovators, Stayin Alive, Fleetwood Blues, and O.G. Style all bounce in-between Alternative Hip Hop, Funk, Psychedelic Soul, R&B, Pop, and Rock…


Cadillac Muzik

Once again, the collective decided to team up with the talented multi- instrumentalist/super producer Moonshyne Brown to create something even more Psychedelic and genre-bending. This cut gives you the feel of Southern Hip Hop, yet takes you on an exalted intellectual journey into innovative Rock and Psychedelic Soul. The band says they were very inspired by Prince, Pink Floyd, and Lenny Kravitz as kids. With 9 independently released EP/Albums under their belt and over 5 single releases, the collective does not plan on stopping anytime soon. This is only the beginning for them…

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Bent Roads Tavern releases sun-scorched, drought-stricken single “Fallow (In This Deep)”

“Our goal is simply to celebrate Canada: the land, the culture and the musicians who have inspired us.” That is how Collen Middleton (guitarist and vocalist) describes Bent Roads Tavern and their new album Clear Nights. Brite Lites. After illustrating this point with their recent single, “Let’s Go To Newfoundland,” which earned them a feature interview on CBC in St. John’s and considerable praise in the Canadiana music press, they are back with another ambitious track dedicated to their fellow Canadians.

“This song was originally conceived when I was living with my wife in Williams Lake (BC) and splitting my time working in Calgary” reveals Middleton. “On the surface, this story follows a fictional character but the emotions they evoke for me are visceral and personal – a sort of compilation of impressions I’ve developed of farmers I’ve met and become friends with in my life so far.”


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Single Review: Teenage Fantasy from Maddison Skies

I really do enjoy writing new single reviews, especially for new and upcoming artists. This will be my second single review for girl group Maddison Skies. Their latest single is called Teenage Fantasy and releases on 21st July.

Teenage Fantasy cover art

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