Danish singer-songwriter William Wassinger releases his debut album In The Middle Of It All

22-year-old William Wassinger is no ordinary singer-songwriter.

Born and raised in the neighborhood of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, William has had a rather tough childhood. Growing up alongside criminals and alcoholics, bad role models were familiar faces, and learning to handle things on your own, a custom.

William Wassinger

William’s childhood surroundings had a big impact on his later life, and taught him valuable lessons. Most importantly, how to hold on to something true, to believe in your dreams and daring to wear your heart on your sleeve at all times. This was especially useful, when he struggled to stay in school, and music and songwriting turned into a reliable friend and grew into something deeply meaningful to William.

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Cosmo Blue release their debut single Wild Stallion

Cosmo Blue is an amalgamation of alternative music, reminiscent of The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Queens Of the Stone Age.

Cosmo Blue

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Single Review: Believe by Feralman

I am happy to be sharing my first single review of 2022, which is for the latest release from Feralman. His song called Believe is his first release of this year. I have previously reviewed his singles Let It Heal You and The Ballad of Life and Death, and now Believe. We all need to kick-start our new year with a positive mindset and Believe is the kind of song that will help us do just that.


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New music from singer-songwriter Nika Timos

Nika Timos is a Russian born singer-songwriter, now based in the UK. After the successful release of the track Family, she felt quite comfortable in this dark, mystical zone filled with chaos and murky topics.

Nika treats music as therapeutic, finding emotional redemption in it.The new track Dust is not an exception. Despite the fact that it’s a dance song, let’s not deceive ourselves, this track is far from carefree themes.

Dust cover art

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Feralman releases new single Believe

Welsh/Australian Indie-Folk artist Feralman shares his captivating new single, Believe, out on all streaming platforms on 7th January. The track is the third single to be taken from his upcoming album Allegories (which means a collection of metaphors), set for release later this year.


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