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Jemma writes music single reviews upon request and with a fee. The below album, music book, single, and product reviews, have all been requests. If you would like a review similar to the ones below, please get in touch.

Album reviews:

Album Review: Zen Relaxation by Aroshanti

Album Review: Piano Meditations by Adrian Lord

Music Book review:

ABRSM Piano Syllabus 2019-2020 review

Single reviews:

Single Review: Saving Cathren’s The Edge

Single Review: Don’t Understand by Untold Poet

Single Review: Let It Heal You by Feralman

Single Review: The Ballad of Life and Death

Single Review: Soul Mate by Pete Kennaway

Single Review: Believe by Feralman

Single Review: These Are the Days by String Factory

Single Review: Golden Canary by Feralman

Single Review: Memories Remain by Feralman

Single Review: Looks Country to Me by Luke Flear

Single Review: Shantell Ogden’s Breaking Something Wild


Get to Know: Chris Andreucci 

Get to Know: the artist MMIV

Get to Know: Lucky Iris band

Get to Know: Feralman

Get to Know: Scottish band Wrest

Get to Know: singer-songwriter RXTH music

Get to Know: Actor and Singer Martin Dickinson

Get to Know Collen the frontman from the band Bent Roads Tavern

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