String Factory releases new EP These Are The Days

String Factory is a solo project from singer-songwriter and producer Dino Brewster, recording from his home studio in Bristol, UK. These Are the Days is his second EP release, coming out 26th February 2022, featuring the title track and three unique b-sides. The EP follows last year’s debut album Going South, and came together in a similar way – with Dino writing and recording, and largely performing across the project by himself. String Factory songs are characterised by their personal and acerbic lyrical style, and a bold and varied set of Britpop-adjacent indie rock arrangements.

Dino Brewster

These Are the Days is a rugged and upbeat rock song, with a psychedelic arrangement that builds up over the runtime, closing out on a luxurious electric piano solo. The conversational lyrics discuss the world of networking, and the neverending quest for self- promotion. The track features acoustic guitar work from frequent collaborator Teorstan (who also provides backing vocals on It Doesn’t Matter What I Say).

Dino has provided production work for many people and projects. Collaborations include arrangement and recording for the musical Like Clockwork, and work with artists Teorstan and Crystal Beth. He also plays bass in alt-rock band The Proxy Youth.

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