New Music Monday: Never Gonna Give You Up Pianoforte version Rick Astley

I hadn’t intended to post anything else this year, but this particular song kept growing on me so much so that I felt compelled to share it here, as it definitely needs to have more recognition. The song is the pianoforte version of singer Rick Astley’s super hit song Never Gonna Give You Up.

If like me, you are old enough to remember the original version of Never Gonna Give You Up, you will know that the song released during the 80’s and was a very romantic, upbeat (almost party) number. The brand new pianoforte version is, however, a much more laid back, mature version of the song yet somehow Rick’s vocals have managed to not just stay the same, but sound even better over time.

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Favourite Golden Oldie song: I’ve Had The Time of My Life – Dirty Dancing

Continuing the theme of selecting my favourite songs from popular movies, this month I have chosen the popular, romantic track (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley (The Righteous Brothers) and Jennifer Warnes which featured in the movie Dirty Dancing.

Dirty Dancing was a film that had a real craze attached to it thanks to its charming and good looking actor/dancer Patrick Swayze, and this song is truly a cult favourite of not just mine but a lot of people who have enjoyed the film.

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New Music Monday: Christmas Morning by Jack Savoretti

This week’s New Music Monday features my review of the latest release from my artist discovery of 2019 Jack Savoretti.

Jack has released a Christmas song for the very first time and the song is called Christmas Morning. As he has explained at the Magic at Christmas concert, the story of the song is dedicated to his children and all children who enjoy Christmas time. He did forget to tell us just how emotional the song is for anyone who dearly loves their parents.

Christmas Morning is definitely one of those songs that leave you with a lump in your throat and I remember feeling like that the very first time I heard it. It has a beautiful lilting, melody and Jack sings with such emotion that carries the song until its end. I was fortunate enough to see Jack perform the song for the very first time at the Magic at Christmas concert in November.

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Concert review: Magic at Christmas at The London Palladium

On Sunday 24th November, I attended the Magic at Christmas concert (hosted by the Magic radio station) at The London Palladium.

This was a concert which had a multi-artist line up (with an initial total of 6 artists, but sadly James Morrison had to pull out due to ill health).


Beverley Knight
Will Young
Jack Savoretti
Mick Hucknall
Martin and Shirley Kemp
Robbie Williams

Concert hosts: Harriet Scott and Martin Kemp

The main reason I attended the concert, was to see my two favourites Jack and Mick, perform live on stage. This is now the second time that I have seen Jack live and is the very first time I have seen Simply Red.

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Music review: Spectrum by Westlife

Spectrum album cover


Hello My Love
Better Man
My Blood
One Last Time
Take me There
Without You
Another Life

Listen to Spectrum on Spotify

I have been building up to this very day at my blog, with many Westlife related posts and now I couldn’t be happier to present my music review of their brand new album Spectrum.

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Favourite Golden Oldie: I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston

On the 21st of each month, I share and talk about one of my favourite classic songs. These are songs that I have loved listening to whilst growing up, or songs that have made a lasting impact on me. This month is the same although with a twist, as I am sharing a favourite song of mine, that is linked to a film soundtrack.

I do have Magic radio station to thank for this, as whenever I have been listening to them in the evening, they tend to play I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston taken from Bodyguard the movie. I remember watching the film way back when, and it was always I Will Always Love You that tended to overshadow the rest of the songs and yet everytime I hear I Have Nothing, Whitney’s voice literally stops me in my tracks and my full attention is on the song.

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Life Update: A day of silence – sharing my experience of a Mindfulness retreat day

On the 26th October I attended a Mindfulness silent retreat day. This retreat was a part of an 8 week Mindfulness course I was attending (part of my Mindfulness training) and while my blog is primarily about sounds and music, I wanted to share my experience of spending a day in silence (10am – 4pm) at The Minduflness Project and the profound positive impact it has had on me.

The aim of a silent mindful retreat, is to allow one to be able to focus on longer meditation practices, and light yoga as a way of noticing how these techniques can help us to cope with stress (MBSR – Mindfulness based stress reduction) and keep us fully present in the moment. This was the very first time I ever attended any kind of retreat day and I am happy to report that it was a positive experience.

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New Music Monday: My Blood from Westlife

This week’s New Music Monday features my review of the brand new single from Westlife, My Blood. This single is the fourth release from their soon to be released album Spectrum and has also been written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac.

The song opens with Shane’s recogniseable vocals, although I feel he has sung in a slightly different style then his normal. Mark gets to sing the second verse of the song and does a wonderful job as always. My only main criticism with the song, is that as it is dedicated to their children, I feel it should have been longer than just 3 minutes and Nicky and Kian should also have been given a few lines to sing.

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Favourite Golden Oldie song: Enough by Simply Red

This month’s favourite golden oldie song is Enough by Simply Red who are one of my favourite music bands and icons.

I grew up listening to their music since the late 80s and Enough (which is on the album A New Flame), has always been a firm favourite of mine. Not only is it a smooth jazz track, it has an incredible jazz piano solo in the middle of the song, yet the lyrics convey thoughts about the breakdown of a relationship, set against a very jazzy backdrop!

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