Update on my journey into Mindfulness

It will be 5 years this October, since I embarked on my journey into Mindfulness. The very first stop of my journey began with attending a Mindfulness session which was held by a coworker, and after that, it literally became a way of life for me.

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Meet Australian Golden Guitar Winner Tamara Stewart

Nashville-based Australian-born singer/songwriter Tamara Stewart is one of Music City’s most revered creatives, having established herself in the city since relocating in 2014. However, she has flown under the radar in the UK until now, and all that is sure to change as a new potentially career re-defining chapter commences for the esteemed performer.

Tamara Stewart

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Pop country artist Canaan Cox is ready with his UK tour

Bonafide triple-threat Canaan Cox is ready to bring his unique pop-country style to UK shores for his forthcoming Coming Home tour that will see him playing shows in London, Norwich, Manchester, Glasgow, and Edinburgh this summer. The run of dates has this name because his wife and young son are actually British but they have not been back home for quite some time owing to mitigating factors including the intermittent lockdowns between 2020-2021.

Canaan Cox

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Single Review: Tear at my Heart by Nika Timos

I am pleased to be sharing my review of the single Tear at my Heart by independent pop singer Nika Timos. The single features on her debut EP Home. I was first introduced to Nika’s music in 2021, and it was refreshing to hear from an independent pop artist. Nika’s music is fresh and vibrant but reflects pop music that we all love and know so well. Her voice really does remind me of a young Kylie Minogue and it beautifully carries the song.

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Pop singer Nika Timos releases her debut EP Home

At the end of 2022, upcoming London based pop artist Nika Timos celebrated the release of her debut EP, soulfully titled Home. Completely eclectic, full of passion and contradictory feelings, caused by a difficult year, this EP described the stormy palette of ideas within the mind of the artist. Jumping from optimistic motives to slow tunes that touch the soul, Nika Timos keeps the listener’s attention in chains.

Home cover art

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