I Feel No Pain – The new single from electro-rock band Renovations

Multinational Electro-rock band Rénovations are releasing their 3rd single I Feel No Pain on 29th January 2021.

Renovations (Iona, Charlotte, Gian)

So far Rénovations have been described as a punchy trio [which has] beautiful energy that remembers the ‘90s.

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Single review: Fireworks by Maddison Skies

At the end of last year, Maddison Skies had released their first ever single titled To The Moon and Back. For three young girls who created and worked on the single, entirely virtually during lockdown, it was definitely a big achievement. Their first release for 2021 is their second single titled Fireworks.

Fireworks cover art

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Fireworks – the new single from Maddison Skies

For 2020 the steps that Maddison Skies took to scale the pop artist ladder was a steep climb. Amongst the weight of the pandemic, school, exams and getting to know each other, they over-turned the odds to successfully release their debut single in December 2020, To The Moon And Back.

Fireworks cover art

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Get to Know: singer-songwriter RXTH music

I am so pleased to share my third artist interview in my Get to Know series, and my very first interview of 2021, with Sussex (UK) based singer-songwriter Rxth!

Regular readers of my blog will have seen that I recently shared the press release for Rxth’s latest single Beauty in Spaces, which also has it’s own animated music video. Read on to get to know more about Rxth including her musical influences, mindfulness and so much more!


Please share with us your journey into music and how it all began for you.

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Don’t be a sheep – the new campaign from premium headphones brand Ausounds

Ausounds enlists rapper Smokepurpp in latest ground-breaking Be Different campaign which encourages consumers to embrace individuality.

LA-based headphone giant Ausounds has launched a ground-breaking campaign urging consumers to stand out from the crowd.

Be Different campaign

The Be Different campaign, which daringly suggests Apple has a sheep-like following among consumers, is designed to inspire music and tech enthusiasts to break the mould and aims to empower people around the world to Be Different. The bold advertising strategy will help to build on Ausounds’ ever-growing presence in the UK after launching late last year, as well as reminding consumers Apple isn’t the only option in premium headphone tech. Ausounds products have been created specifically for music lovers and producers and designed by a team of industry experts. Instead of going with the crowd, the campaign suggests that users have another option and do not need to be sheep following the herd. Ausounds hopes that the messaging will bring in more early-adopters, as well as those looking to try something new.

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