Music is a Mindful activity

Having recently rebranded the blog, I am fortunate that both topics that I talk about, correlate and integrate well with each other. Music is a very mindful activity and can be used as a mindfulness tool that helps us stay in the present moment, as much as possible.

I am sure many of you that are currently working from home, or while performing any kind of cumbersome task, will prefer to have some music on in the background, to allow your mind not to be focused on the boredom that maybe there, in the task at hand. This indicates that music is used as a distraction, a mood booster and also requires you to stay in the present moment, as you listen to a song or two.

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Celebrating my favourite black musicians in support of Black Lives Matter

In light of the recent tragic events that have taken place in America with the devastating loss of George Floyd, the world has had a re-awakening when it comes to racism and the sad and devastating fact that people can still in 2020, lose their lives due to the colour of their skin. Even though the world is still battling a pandemic, as I watched the series of events unfold with protests first in every state, then in every country, I thought about how I could show my support to this movement.

Since I have been old enough to enjoy music, I have been introduced to many black musicians who have shown me the kind of music that I enjoy and prefer listening to even today. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Billy Ocean, James Brown, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Celeste, Emelie Sande and Seal are just some of the artists whose work I have grown up listening to. While they have influenced my music choices for the better, they have also inspired hundreds and thousands of singers across the world. There are many many more names that can be added to the above list, because their sheer talent is immense and their work speaks volumes.

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The virtual concert to watch: Angus Munro

If there is one thing that has been keeping me going during this lockdown, it is looking forward to the fortnightly virtual concerts from musician Angus Munro.

Angus has featured in the blog a couple of times as he is a very talented artist as well as an amateur piano wrestler! Watching his hour long concerts, give you a real insight into his amazing vocals (of a higher range) and show you his versatility as a singer. Some of Angus’s original compositions include Mirror Man and Equalizer.

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Favourite Song of the Month: I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

Sharing one of my favourite songs at the blog every month, has become a tradition of sorts. After contemplating whether or not to keep it going, I have decided that I will, as not only does it bring a sense of nostalgia, but reminds me of the songs that I have truly loved over time. Previously called Favourite Golden Oldie song, I have now renamed this feature to Favourite Song of the Month. This month I have chosen I Knew I Loved You from Savage Garden.

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What is Mindfulness? Breaking the myths of an important practice

Ever since I began my journey into Mindfulness almost two years ago, I began to realise just how important it is, to incorporate the practice into our daily lives.

The true essence of Mindfulness is to live fully in the present moment. That means when you are enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, you are fully focused on how it tastes, smells and how comforting it makes you feel. Mindfulness is essentially learning the art of self-awareness. The more self aware we are, the more we can recognise how we are feeling and then be able to manage our stress levels better.

The main technique used in Mindfulness practice, is bringing your attention to your breathing. Your breath can be used as the main anchor, when you have noticed that your mind and attention have wandered off, taking you away from the present moment. Our breath ultimately guides us back to the present while reminding us constantly that we are alive.

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