Music is a Mindful activity

Having recently rebranded the blog, I am fortunate that both topics that I talk about, correlate and integrate well with each other. Music is a very mindful activity and can be used as a mindfulness tool that helps us stay in the present moment, as much as possible.

I am sure many of you that are currently working from home, or while performing any kind of cumbersome task, will prefer to have some music on in the background, to allow your mind not to be focused on the boredom that maybe there, in the task at hand. This indicates that music is used as a distraction, a mood booster and also requires you to stay in the present moment, as you listen to a song or two.

While listening to music, have you noticed your attention being fully on the song or radio? A song can be three to four minutes long and that is ample time for your attention to be fully listening to the song, without your mind wandering away. If you struggle with using your breathing as an anchor to keep you present, you can try listening to music as that may allow you to have less resistance from your mind.

If you are a musician learning to play a musical instrument, or continuing your practice of an instrument, this is another example where hopefully, you will be fully focused in the learning and so the present moment. Mindfulness is all about increasing your self awareness, which helps you pay attention to where your mind is, and in turn, helps you perform the task at hand much better.

When it comes to meditation practices, you will notice that many depend on some sort of soothing background music or a calming sound. The sounds also act as an aid, and allow your mind to focus your attention on the sound or music, when you have noticed it wandering away during the practice. Also to reiterate that it is very common and very normal for our minds to wander as much as they do, during any kind of activity. Staying mindful of this simply allows us not to dwell on any negative thoughts that may arise.

It is possible to include Mindfulness into all of your daily activities and hobbies. Pay close attention to how you feel before and after any music related activity, and you will receive the benefits.

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