Animated music video helps new music artist RXTH overcome lockdown limitations

RXTH, a Sussex based singer-songwriter, has teamed up with a talented group of animators from Colombia to bring her new single, Beauty in the Spaces to life.

Watch the video here on Youtube:

Released on 21.01.21, Beauty in the Spaces is a dusky electro-pop track that touches on the uncertainty of today’s challenging times whilst highlighting the opportunity for positive change.
The creative use of animation for the video, in a lockdown-friendly way, was therefore symbolic in more ways than one.

“With the limitations of lockdown, I was looking for creative ways to express the song’s themes visually. Animation seemed a great way to both communicate the uplifting intention behind the song and a chance to collaborate with creative people in another part of the world – without leaving the house. In our current more isolated lives, we have had to seek creative and technological solutions to connection and creativity. It has in some ways made the world seem a bit smaller – which is at least a little silver lining we can clutch at. In fact, the whole process was geographically unbound; my producer, Gauthier, was based in London, the mastering was completed in Amsterdam, the animation in Colombia, by Davis-Vegas & Team, and the song was written and recorded in my home studio Sussex, UK. If necessity is the mother of invention, I think creativity maybe its Father!” – RXTH

Releasing conscious music for people who feel too much, RXTH has a subtle lyrical leaning towards personal transformation – her overriding passion.
“The aim is that my music leaves you better than it found you and to remind you that you aren’t alone with your big feelings and big questions”

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