Untold Poet’s next release is called Don’t Understand

BBC Introducing Essex’s Sound of 2020 artist, Untold Poet, is due to drop his first pensive release of 2021 with his rap infused, spoken word piece entitled, Don’t Understand.

Don’t Understand cover art

With thoughtful, provoking lyricism accompanied by a laid-back jazzy instrumental, Untold Poet creates tracks that really makes you stop and think. The track was inspired by a series of thoughts surrounding current world issues that we are still experiencing today.

The track delves into Untold Poet’s thought processes of how he tries to overcome the unanswered questions, leaving you at the end with a question of his own, “This world man, I just don’t understand it. Do you?”

Untold Poet is a UK, Essex-born rapper/songwriter and former frontman of ‘New Subjects.’ Supporting credits include ‘The 1975’ and ‘Labrinth.’ Now a solo artist (2020), Untold Poet’s matured beats and fine-tuned flows are arguably the most exciting sound to bridge the gap between RnB, rap and poetic rhythm.

With subtle influences of Drake, Kano, The Streets and Bon Iver, the energy is laced with forward-thinking wit and unexpected, honest emotion. Crowned sound of 2021’by BBC Introducing Essex and tipped for big things in the coming year, Untold Poet’s resilience through 2020 has shown, and been noticed, proving he has merit within the music industry.

Currently working on his debut visual EP ‘Start To Speak’, prepare to witness Untold Poet’s continued success within the music scene, as he speaks the raw truth and nothing but… the unspoken story.

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