Cadillac Muzik’s new single Stayin Alive will revive your soul

After hitting Billboard Magazine charts several times and charting on numerous radio charts for their previous single Gamble Love, the Texas-based band Cadillac Muzik continues to keep the momentum going with their 5th independently released project titled Stayin Alive.

Cadillac Muzik

They kick the EP off with their first single Feeling Filter. The song starts off with a machine robot voice saying We are now filtering your feel, then transitions into a smooth funky jazzy bass heavy beat. The song quickly kicks in with lead singer CaddyMack Moses singing lyrics about love feeling upside down, and wanting to elevate beyond these negative times. The chorus of the song comes in with smooth vocals encouraging the listener to purify their soul. In other words, the band is telling the listener to rise beyond the negativity around them, to somewhat elevate into a better person. The sound is very reminiscent of 90s artists like D’Angelo, Ceelo Green, and Raphael Saadiq.

Cadillac Muzik’s style on this project has a very conscious and motivating feel. The band likes to call their music Lac Gospel, in other words Cadillac Gospel. With elements of Funk, Gospel, Jazz, Neo- Soul, Psychedelic Rock, and Alternative Hip Hop, they’ve created their own flavor of modern-day soul music. Their music gives you the nostalgic feeling of greats like The Isley Brothers, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, and even Earth Wind & Fire. The band continues to rise high in the independent music circuit, creating a template for the modern indie musician to follow. “Caddy Muzik is a blend of every flavor and culture of black soul music, creating a new age style”. explains DaddyDV’ll. “We are nothing but old souls put here to pump the feeling back into the minds and hearts of the masses”. explains CaddyMack Moses.

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