Album Review: Piano Meditations by Adrian Lord

I recently shared a press release from piano composer Adrian Lord, who champions the idea that music is good for the brain. As a pianist and music lover myself, it is something that I have always believed in. I am now delighted to share my review of Adrian’s latest album Piano Meditations and the accompanying music book.

Piano Meditations CD

Piano Meditations is Adrian’s 5 track album of soothing piano music that is ideal for meditation and general relaxation. Each track has its own flow and identity and a couple of them, end in almost a cliffhanger style to keep you listening.

The track listing:

1) Waves
2) Snowfall
3) Space
4) Ascend
5) Evermore

Upon my first listen, I could tell that Adrian’s piano playing is exceptional and you can tell he is a thorough professional. The piano is such a versatile instrument and it is no surprise to see it being used as a key instrument in the form of relaxing and calming music. Piano Meditations is Adrian’s third album (Sky Blue Piano and Journey – Twelve Romances for Piano, being the first two). I have personally enjoyed listening to each track and I am looking forward to learning to play them thanks to the accompanying sheet music book.

Looking at the individual tracks, I love the flow, variations and pace of Waves. Snowfall is extremely soothing and is quite dramatic in comparison to Waves. There is even more variety in Space and it sounds a lot lighter than Snowfall. Ascend resembles Waves and is equally calming. Evermore is definitely the perfect way to end the album as it has its own identity.

Piano Meditations book

The music book is beautifully presented and very much reminds me of my graded exam books from ABRSM. The music is presented in a clear and concise style that is easy to follow with the necessary prompts (tempo, dynamics, style) all clearly mentioned. I think it is wonderful to have an accompanying sheet music book and I will be learning to play the songs in my own time.

I highly recommend listening to this album if you enjoy soothing instrumental music, and enjoy listening to a professional play the piano. You can stream the album on Spotify, YouTube and all of the usual places.

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