Album Review: Piano Meditations by Adrian Lord

I recently shared a press release from piano composer Adrian Lord, who champions the idea that music is good for the brain. As a pianist and music lover myself, it is something that I have always believed in. I am now delighted to share my review of Adrian’s latest album Piano Meditations and the accompanying music book.

Piano Meditations CD

Piano Meditations is Adrian’s 5 track album of soothing piano music that is ideal for meditation and general relaxation. Each track has its own flow and identity and a couple of them, end in almost a cliffhanger style to keep you listening.

The track listing:

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Single Review: Saving Cathren’s The Edge

I recently shared a press release from the Oxford based band Saving Cathren. The band comprises of duo Cathren and Paul who write songs together. Their most recent release is their song called The Edge.

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Single Review: Don’t Understand by Untold Poet

With the current world situation and the way we are all living, it’s not suprising that a lot of us will have a few things that we need to rant about, and get off our chests. BBC Introducing’s Track of the Week 2020 artist, Untold Poet is one of them, and through his music, has clearly expressed his thoughts in his latest release aptly titled Don’t Understand.

Don’t Understand cover art

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Single review: Fireworks by Maddison Skies

At the end of last year, Maddison Skies had released their first ever single titled To The Moon and Back. For three young girls who created and worked on the single, entirely virtually during lockdown, it was definitely a big achievement. Their first release for 2021 is their second single titled Fireworks.

Fireworks cover art

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Product Review: WeSC wired headphones

As a music lover and pianist, I am always on the lookout for good quality music accessories. I made the switch to wireless headphones in 2019, but nothing beats a good comfortable pair of wired headphones.

Having previously only used Apple’s wired headphones (I listen to my music only on my iPod/iTouch because I am old school!), discovering headphones from the Swedish brand WeSC (We are the Superlative Company), has been a real treat.

WeSC wired headphones

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