Album Review: Harry’s House by Harry Styles

Not only has it been a while since I have written an album review from the music I listen to, but it has also been a while since I have listened to an album that has made an impact on me, in its very first listen. I hope you will enjoy reading my review and appreciation of the latest release from Harry Styles, his latest album Harry’s House.

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Single Review: These Are the Days by String Factory

My second single review of 2022, is the latest release from Bristol’s String Factory, These Are the Days.

String Factory is a concept executed by singer-songwriter Dino Brewster. I recently interviewed Dino, and it is clear that he is extremely passionate about the music he creates and this is noticeable in the single These Are the Days.

These Are the Days cover art

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Single Review: Believe by Feralman

I am happy to be sharing my first single review of 2022, which is for the latest release from Feralman. His song called Believe is his first release of this year. I have previously reviewed his singles Let It Heal You and The Ballad of Life and Death, and now Believe. We all need to kick-start our new year with a positive mindset and Believe is the kind of song that will help us do just that.


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Feralman releases new single Believe

Welsh/Australian Indie-Folk artist Feralman shares his captivating new single, Believe, out on all streaming platforms on 7th January. The track is the third single to be taken from his upcoming album Allegories (which means a collection of metaphors), set for release later this year.


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