Product Review: WeSC wired headphones

As a music lover and pianist, I am always on the lookout for good quality music accessories. I made the switch to wireless headphones in 2019, but nothing beats a good comfortable pair of wired headphones.

Having previously only used Apple’s wired headphones (I listen to my music only on my iPod/iTouch because I am old school!), discovering headphones from the Swedish brand WeSC (We are the Superlative Company), has been a real treat.

WeSC wired headphones

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Album Review: Zen Relaxation by Aroshanti

I recently discovered wonderful meditation music by Aroshanti (Nick Truch). After listening to and enjoying the track Illumination, I decided to listen to the full album.

When I meditate, I don’t always listen to a guided meditation, and that is where relaxation music comes in. Mostly always instrumental, relaxation music helps to provide a calming atmosphere that can help you meditate, perform yoga, or drift off to sleep peacefully.



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Meditation Music Review: Illumination by Aroshanti

Since lockdown, I have gained a steady interest into soundscapes and relaxing music.
I recently discovered the music of Aroshanti – exclusive music for meditation purposes, that has been created, composed and produced by multi instrumentalist Nick Truch.

Nick Truch

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Review: Dream with Me by Harry Styles for the Calm app

I recently subscribed to the Calm app for my meditation practice. Previously, I had been using the free Insight Timer app for basic meditation practice, but realised that I wanted something a bit more beneficial and consistent. After discovering the daily calm meditations from the Calm YouTube channel, (and liking all of them), I decided to give the app a go.

There are many mindfulness and meditation apps out there and it is almost like a minefield when trying to find the right app for you. I really enjoy the aesthetic, and fluidity of the Calm app, which is why it has become my go-to for meditation.

Dream with Me

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Product Review: KitSound Wireless earbuds KS Funk 35

While I hadn’t been on the look out for a pair of wireless earbuds (and definitely not the Apple ones which are far too costly!), back in January this year, I ended up seeing on my Twitter feed, a tweet for the KitSound Wireless earbuds and I immediately thought I need these in my life! Not only are they life changing in the way that I now listen to music, but they also made me realise just how inconvenient wired headphones truly are.

Regular readers may know that this will now be the fourth product that I have purchased from the brand KitSound, previously owning their mini bluetooth speaker, wireless headphones, DAB alarm clock and now these lovelies. I purchased mine from Amazon and received them in a speedy 48 hours, and at the very affordable price of £49.99. I chose the pink ones (because lets face it, pink, lilac and pastels is my aesthetic) and I am super impressed with them so far.

KS Funk 35 Wireless Earbuds

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