Single Review: Rent Free by Mikki Evans

We often catch ourselves thinking about someone that has hurt us; and we forget that we are only thinking about them, because we are allowing ourselves to. This is the story behind the latest release from UK Country singer and songwriter Mikki Evans.


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Single Review: Shantell Ogden’s Breaking Something Wild

There are songs that transport you to different places, and then there are songs that paint a picture so vivid, that you feel you are in the middle of a story. That is the combination of Nashville-based country singer Shantell Ogden’s latest release, Breaking Something Wild.

Shantell Ogden

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Single Review: Looks Country To Me by Luke Flear

When I think about country music, I immediately think about Nashville, but after being introduced to UK artist Luke Flear, I might be inclined to think again! Especially after listening to his track Looks Country to me. Luke Flear is a multi-instrumentalist who has been performing as a solo artist since the age of 15.

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Exclusive Preview of Feralman’s next release Memories Remain

Memories Remain is the latest release from Feralman. The track follows the success of Golden Canary, The Ballad of Life and Death, Let It Heal You and Believe, which can all be found from his highly anticipated album Allegories, releasing in September.

Memories Remain cover art

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Album Review: Harry’s House by Harry Styles

Not only has it been a while since I have written an album review from the music I listen to, but it has also been a while since I have listened to an album that has made an impact on me, in its very first listen. I hope you will enjoy reading my review and appreciation of the latest release from Harry Styles, his latest album Harry’s House.

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