Pop singer-songwriter Bradley Jago to release his new single Rain

Pop singer-songwriter Bradley Jago will release his chilled-out new single Rain on Friday 28th May via Roots Below Inc.

Rain follows Jago’s previous singles Moonstruck and Shut Your Mouth, and sees him adopt a decidedly more laid back approach which draws heavily on the sultry R&B of the likes of Jorja Smith and Lauryn Hill. As well as this, the track takes influence from the off-kilter pop of Billie Eilish and a funkier edge inspired by UK virtuoso Jacob Collier for a sound that Jago well and truly makes his own.

Rain cover art

Jago says: “‘Let it rain’, is repeated throughout the song, and I see this as a metaphor for letting your emotions and pain rain down on you, in the hope that you can rebuild on the other side. I wrote this song as a cry for forgiveness to my previous partners, so I’m asking them to ‘feel your pain’ and ‘let it rain’, so they can process their emotions from the hurt I caused them, in hope that we can work through this, because ‘I promise I’ve changed.’”

Rain is Jago’s first release on the newly established independent record label Roots Below Inc.. It was produced by the label’s own Jonathan Moore, and mastered by Honza Vancik. Drums were provided by James Gullis, and the artwork photo taken by Marla Bouchard.

“I wrote this song on a rainy day in my bedroom, and the rain you can hear in the background is recorded from my window on that same day,” Jago adds. “I can imagine ending a happy summer day driving home and then your hidden emotions take over and coincide with the rain pouring down, and that’s the feeling I really tried to capture with this song and its juxtaposing moods.”

About Bradley Jago

Bradley Jago is a Portsmouth-based pop singer songwriter looking to make a big splash in 2021. With live experience in the south-east of England, and radio play across several regional stations, he’s ready for the world to hear him. More singles and an EP are set to follow this year, as is his very own podcast looking at what it is to be in your 20s in the 2020s, so keep your eyes and ears open.

“WOW! Vocals, and range, and power… I got truly lost in that.” – Steph Nieuwenhuys, presenter of BBC Radio Solent Introducing on Jago’s debut single Shut Your Mouth.


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