Get to Know: Scottish Indie band Wrest

As we start looking forward to things resuming to some sort of normality this year, a lot of musicians are naturally looking forward to getting back on the road and rebuild the connection they once had so frequently, with their fans. I am happy to share my second interview of 2021, with Scottish band, Wrest who are about to release their single Second Wind. Read on to learn all about the band!


Please share with us your journey into music and how Wrest came together as a band.

We’ve been in bands of various sorts since we met at an open mic night in Edinburgh back when we were students. Wrest formed sometime around late 2018, primarily as a vehicle for getting out our debut album – our life’s work to that point. To be honest, we had no expectations when releasing the debut album Coward of Us All, but quickly found an audience of people who connected with the music. Before we knew it, we were unexpectedly selling out shows across Scotland, and started to pick up some good momentum into early 2020.

We had just played our two biggest headline shows to date, a sold-out Celtic Connections show in Glasgow then a sold-out Mash House in Edinburgh, right before the restrictions hit. 


We’ve been eagerly waiting to get back to it ever since, with loads of cool shows to play and other stuff we’re still waiting to do from 2020.

As musicians, how has 2020 been for you all?

The restrictions came at the worst possible time for our band, and as musicians, it’s probably about the most limiting set of circumstances you could face.

Live shows are an essential part of the process for us, there’s almost a need to get up close and personal with the music and the fans to feel complete. We’re very booked up for shows at the moment as well, both here and in Germany, so we’re very much looking forward to getting back and playing them after so long.

Things have been a bit better in recent months since we’ve been able to get back out and about making music, rehearsing, recording and actually being in a band. But, like most people we’re sure, it’s not a 15-months we’d be keen to repeat anytime soon!

Please tell us about your latest single Second Wind, and the story behind it.

Second Wind is a song we’ve had for a while, but which fully came together over the pandemic. It was written as a song of endings, new beginnings, moving on and looking forward with renewed hope and optimism to a brighter future.

It wasn’t specifically written about the lockdown restrictions, but we felt it was a good fit for the times, and hopefully emerging back into the world after the enforced shutdown. 

It’s the start of something new for us as well, a clean break from the album and its companion EP, so it feels like an appropriate starting point for our next wave of music.

How would you describe the music of Wrest?

Heartfelt epic Scottish indie rock, with occasional folk sensibilities. Music to relate to, whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, in this shared journey we’re all on. 

Please share with us your musical influences.

Frightened Rabbit are a huge influence on our music, and were the band that showed us we could sound like we do. Also The National and any of the bands of Conor Oberst rank highly for us as influences, purely from the strength of the songwriting, the poignancy of the lyrics, the instrumentation – for us, that’s what music should all be about.

It’s something we always try to capture in our music, writing songs that hopefully actually mean something to people, and make you feel something when you listen to them, something greater than the sum of its parts that maybe speaks to you and your life circumstances, whatever they might be.

What can fans expect from Wrest after the release of this single?

Second Wind is the start of a new era of music for us as a band, so fans can expect more new music over the course of the year. We’re also incredibly excited about returning to live shows and picking up where we left off – loads of cool stuff coming up here and in the EU for this year and beyond.

We’re filming some live sessions soon, as well as more new music to share soon over the coming months. Watch this space!

What are your forthcoming projects?

Thanks so much Wrest, for giving me your time and for sharing so much with your fans. Wishing you all the very best with your forthcoming shows and I am looking forward to your future releases! You can follow Wrest on all of the popular social platforms, plus here for more updates!

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