Get to Know: Scottish Indie band Wrest

As we start looking forward to things resuming to some sort of normality this year, a lot of musicians are naturally looking forward to getting back on the road and rebuild the connection they once had so frequently, with their fans. I am happy to share my second interview of 2021, with Scottish band, Wrest who are about to release their single Second Wind. Read on to learn all about the band!


Please share with us your journey into music and how Wrest came together as a band.

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Get to Know: singer-songwriter RXTH music

I am so pleased to share my third artist interview in my Get to Know series, and my very first interview of 2021, with Sussex (UK) based singer-songwriter Rxth!

Regular readers of my blog will have seen that I recently shared the press release for Rxth’s latest single Beauty in Spaces, which also has it’s own animated music video. Read on to get to know more about Rxth including her musical influences, mindfulness and so much more!


Please share with us your journey into music and how it all began for you.

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Get to Know: Actor and Singer Martin Dickinson

On Wednesday this week I shared a press release about a charity single You Raise Me Up which has been produced by west end musicals actor and singer Martin Dickinson, for Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. I am now delighted to share an exclusive interview with Martin, here at Jem Girl at the Piano. We chatted about his single, why he chose to produce it for charity and so much more!

Please share the inspiration/concept behind your single You Raise Me Up (If You Only Have Today)?

Back in July I was sent a video, which was a Mamma Mia medley by a local community choir, (as I had been a part of the show (Mamma Mia) recently), at the end of the medley was an appeal by Shooting Star Children’s Hospices, who I knew of already. It really struck a chord with me, thinking of how everyone was being encouraged to stay at home and do nothing. I knew that a lot of charities were struggling. So I decided to help regardless of how you measure your life, whether in minutes, or days weeks or years – how do you still make the most of that? So I decided to do something to help out by putting together the project, ‘If You Only Have Today’

If this is your first charity single, how was the process of bringing it all together during these difficult times?

I did release an album back in 2012, but the logistics of this were much more complicated. It came down to scheduling, reducing the choir size to 5, finding a Studio who was confident in being Covid secure. Lots of messaging/zoom calling etc…and bucket fulls of sanitizer…But we got there!


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Get to Know: Collen the frontman from the band Bent Roads Tavern

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing frontman Collen from the Canadian indie folk band Bent Roads Tavern (BRT). In the interview, we talked about Collen’s background in music, the creation of BRT, his musical influences and so much more!

Collen Middleton

When did you first have the epiphany that you wanted to have music as a career?

Music has been a part of my life since I was a young child. I grew up in a family with my grandfather a classical pianist, and my uncle a new-wave drummer. I got involved in concert band in elementary school, and guitar and rock/jazz bands in high school. I have always had at least one musical project on the go since I was 10 years old, so it is just part of my life. The career aspect of it is more like a life-long pursuit. Sometimes it makes money, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes it’s a committed undertaking, and sometimes it’s just for kicks. The other musicians in the group all have analogous backstories 🙂

Tell us about the creation of Bent Roads Tavern? How would you describe your music?

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