Sussex based singer-songwriter Rxth releases her new single Braveheart

Braveheart is the third single from Sussex-based, singer-songwriter, Rxth (pronounced Ruth).

It’s an upbeat, sassy track and a video with themes that are quite literally ‘out of this world’. Released on 2 July to coincide with World UFO Day, the track is an invitation to deeply connect, while the video explores concepts of extra-terrestrial connection!

Braveheart cover art

The Song:

Braveheart is about wanting to connect deeply and going all-in with someone you really resonate with. It’s an ode to the good souls, a recognition and an invitation.

However, it takes courage to be open to connecting deeply, there is a vulnerability to it, especially for those that have been hurt in the past. To love and connect deeply is to be brave. Hence the title –Braveheart.”

The Video:

The video takes the theme of seeking a deep connection and extends it to otherworldly contact! The idea originated from my dislike of small talk – I’d rather discuss things like life’s mysteries and aliens.

I’ve been fascinated by the recent official military disclosures of UFOs, alongside indigenous ‘origin’ stories and various ‘channelled’ material that all claim otherworldly beings have been a much bigger part of our history than is commonly acknowledged.

The video explores the concept of their influence not just limited to technological but being physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual too.

It represents various off-world beings and agendas but shows us being part of a bigger positive collective that has our back and that our future is bright.

Release timing:

The track is being released on world UFO day, 2nd July, to celebrate these themes and connect with other people who share my interest in the subject.


Rxth Music

About RXTH:

Rxth is a UK-based singer-songwriter writing music for people who feel too much and are interested in the big questions – like why are we here and are we alone? Her sound ranges from emotional to thought provoking pop with visuals to match.

Braveheart is her third release and the second single from her forthcoming five-track EP to be released later this summer.

You can find her @RxthMusic on socials or

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