Musician and Singer Songwriter Michael Blakey’s Smile While You’re Livin’

Songs inspired by dreams, songs inspired by freedom, and songs inspired by love or lack thereof said love. Michael Blakey’s inspiration comes from every aspect of his life. Whether you are fumbling through love, want more happiness in the world, ready for a spontaneous adventure, or just looking in on yourself from a new direction, Michael will hopefully find a way to connect with you through his lyrics.

    Michael Blakey

On 1st March 2021, Michael released his single Smile While You’re Livin’. This track is focused on having a positive outlook on life, Life is full of ups and downs. Never really knowing if they’re coming around. Life plays tricks. Life plays games. Keep your heart wide open. Happiness from pain.

Acoustic Guitar – Michael Blakey
Lead Guitar – Mircea Steriu
Drums – Bogdan Green
Banjo – Chuckk Hubbard
Bass – Michael Blakey
Piano – Cosmin Farcas

Listen to the single here:

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