Feralman to release folk alt-love song The Ballad of Life and Death

Welsh/Australian Feralman, releases the second single from his new album on October 8th 2021.


Described as a folk alt-love song, The Ballad of Life and Death features support vocals from Nashville based Rochelle Feldkamp and was once again produced, mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel (Bowie, Bruno Mars, Massive Attack).

It tells of the coming together of the two great forces of life and death into matrimony, using the metaphor of a hooded man (death) and a jolly woman (life).

This is a feelgood song with a catchy chorus that you could imagine being played at a folk night in a pub, with everybody joining in for a sing-along. The addition of handclaps and the beautiful flute accompaniment help to hold that vision.

Commenting on his latest release, Feralman said: “At times the balance between life and death can be very fine. One is often considered with fear and dislike, the other with enjoyment and happiness…two very different emotions. I liked the idea of bringing these together in some way and this song is essentially the story that my mind’s eye created”.

As with his popular lead single Let It Heal You, The Ballad of Life and Death once more uses lyrical metaphor, something that we can expect for all releases from his new album which is called Allegories (the term for a collection of metaphors).

Pre-orders are now available, and the song will be released to all platforms on 8th October. The official music video, filmed by Antelope Media will also be released at the same time.

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