New single release from Nika Timos is called Family

With a head full of classic music and a heart thirsty for pop, Nika Timos is a russian born singer-songwriter, based in Oxford. She feels like an experimenter, creating an eclectic mix of catchy tunes and insightfull lyrics, that is always filled with her own philosophy on life: “Combine the incongruous, try new, experiment, but always making the essence clear and understandable for others”.

Nika Timos

After releasing her first single Freedom in 2019, in which she focused on the pains of domestic violence and toxic relationships, she has continued to create music at an increasing rate. Her song ”Fall” was futured on BBC Introducing Oxfordshire in 2020 and ”Shameless” and ” Hate you” were played on local radio stations and beyond the UK. Going up and down the UK Nika succsesfuly played her music in Newcastle, Oxford, London, South Shields and more; as well as performing festivals such as Putney and Bicester Festivals.

Family artwork

Nika’s new single “Family” is an honest biography of her life something that delves deeper into family life;  rather than the happy perfect little units depicted in adverts.

Consisting of people and skeletons in their closets, they can serve as the basis for an action-packed series. It’s one thing to write about yourself and your feelings, it’s another thing to write about your loved ones, but Nika does it with delicacy and humor, not hiding what is the main thing in her life. A mystical motif filled with the spirit of the upcoming Halloween season will make you realize that every family member hides an aspect of the Adams Family.


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