New Music from EDM Artist Abian Coming Soon

Abian to Release Fourth Original Electronic Dance Music Single on 22 April 2022

Abian, a rising electronic dance music artist with several original and cover tracks available for streaming, is pleased to announce the release of his latest original song, Seize the Day. The new song features uplifting lyrics and melodies that distinctly showcase Abian’s musical style. The songs EDM beat undeniably brings a feel-good vibe, making it impossible not to bounce along and feel as content as the lyrics encourage.

Seize the Day offers listeners a message to approach every day with optimism, even when things start to feel a little harder — each day offers something to be grateful for. The song will be released across all popular streaming platforms on 22 April 2022, marking Abian’s fourth original track as he continues to grow in the electronic dance music scene. Search for Abian on your favourite music streaming platform on 22 April to listen to Seize the Day.

“I always want my music to bring across emotion and positivity to those who listen,” said Abian. “With Seize the Day, I hope my listeners will feel encouraged to take each day as it comes, without worrying too much about the things that may bring them down for brief moments in time. Living in the moment is so important to me.”

Abian’s previous original tracks offer similarly inspiring messages, such as his debut single Go With the Flow, which encourages listeners to embrace their inner dreams and anything they encounter on their life’s journey.

In March 2022, Abian released his first cover single, a 21st-century reimagining of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), available on all streaming platforms now. The song was recently accompanied by an original music video, released 17 March 2022 on YouTube.

To listen to more of Abian’s music, search for him on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and other streaming platforms. For more ways to listen, visit

About Abian

Abian is a Swedish DJ and producer with an endless passion for music, discovery, people and life. He was born in Rättvik, in the heart of Sweden, and has been surrounded by music since childhood. When Abian was introduced to the world of electronic music, he found his own sound by combining the traditional piano with synthetic, electronic methods of creating unique music. Seize the Day joins Abian’s growing repertoire of original, upbeat and inspiring EDM tracks, including Go With the Flow, It Must Be Right and Dreaming Awake. Listen to Abian’s music on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud and more.










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