Feralman releases new single Memories Remain

Welsh/Australian artist Feralman is the genre-crossing alt-folk artist that has online publications and tastemakers’ ears pricked. His single Memories Remain is next in line to release on 15th July, paving the way towards his second album Allegories (30th September).


A familiar message runs through Feralman’s discography and continues in Memories Remain: don’t let life pass you by. Hoping listeners will take away how powerful and positive the memories we create in life can be, the track doesn’t just dwell on those that depict death & loss.

Memories Remain cover art

“I wanted to highlight some of the lasting positivity that remains. Building an empowering melody out of a simple acoustic guitar riff, the journey of Memories Remain’ grew one layer at a time. The track also boasts collaboration, featuring bassist Phill Court, producer/mixer Sefi Carmel and the enchanting BVs of Nashville Country/Folk artist Rochelle Feldkamp.”

“The talented musician and poet Feralman is fresh air for all fans of true song art” – Indie Dock Music Blog

“Feralman’s vocals have a soft yet weighty gravitas to them that bring to mind such Folk icons as Nick Drake, Elliot Smith and Conor Oberst”– Andy Jones, YMX

About Feralman

Welsh/Australian Feralman has always had a passion for music and the arts, drawing influence from the natural, emotional and spiritual world.

Following the birth of his daughter in January 2020, Feralman began to sing and play to her regularly, building up a new collection of songs that prompted him to reveal his artistry to the world. Since the release of his debut single ‘When All It Almost Lost’ in November 2020, Feralman has rapidly become an artist to watch, forging a new expansive, cinematic sub-genre within indie folk in collaboration with award-winning Sefi Carmel.

Feralman’s growing discography boasts global traction including glowing features on music publication websites, blogs & social media accounts. His previous single Golden Canary has particularly hit a milestone, shortlisting for 5 sync licensing projects.

His songs have been radio-playlisted on over 4000 stations in UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Poland.

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