RXTH Returns with New EP The Wanderer

Singer-songwriter, Rxth, is back with a new set of five songs, written especially for Wanderers, Starseeds, Seekers and people who, like her, “feel too much”.

The five-track extended play, Songs For Wanderers, draws inspiration from ‘The Ra Material’.

Wanderers cover art

“The book of ‘The Ra Material’ describes Wanderers as old souls coming back to Earth to help bring light during tumultuous times” explains Rxth.

“I was already interested in mystical and esoteric themes, so I wanted to play with those concepts and write music that alludes to feelings of isolation, alienation, how the world can be a bit harsh sometimes; the struggle with waking up to yourself; the reality of life and being here” she says.

The EP package includes two previously unreleased tracks (Wanderer, Hard To Be Human), an alternate version of Braveheart, plus two tracks that have seen Rxth lauded by BBC Introducing (Beauty In The Spaces, Starlight).

“I was absolutely thrilled when I heard that I’d been selected as BBC Introducing Featured Artist of the Week and really grateful for the early radio support from BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey”.

Rxth is known for her lush, dreamy, sultry vocals, set against electronic synth beats. She’s been described as “alt-pop meets singer-songwriter”. Expect touches of Massive Attack, Portishead, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Billie Eilish and one of her personal favourites; Nine Inch Nails.

“I love how Trent Reznor has his very harsh industrial sounds but then complements them with really beautiful pianos and etheric soundscapes. Sonically, I really love to play with contrasts: harsh and then beauty; masculine and feminine.”

The five track EP Songs for Wanderers is out on Friday 11.11.22.

The Songs:

1. Wanderer has touches of Massive Attack, with dreamy female vocals and cosmic vibes, contrasted towards the end by Jeremy D.’s words of wisdom and his invitation to ‘wake up’ throughout – think Baz Luhrmann over Billie Eilish beats. Themes of an ‘old soul’ waking up to a tumultuous Earth and trying to remember who they are. (*new track*)

2. Beauty in the Spaces touches on the benefits of acceptance and letting go of the past when it comes to finding ourselves. (Featured track on BBC Radio Sussex / BBC Radio Surrey)

3. Braveheart is about wanting to connect deeply. ‘Wanderers’ feel deeply and long to connect with like-minded souls. (Featured track on BBC Sussex / BBC Radio Surrey)

4. Hard to be Human is about the ‘dark night of the soul’, shadow-work, healing, and the challenges of being human. (*new track*)

5. Starlight is a comforting, uplifting and inspiring track that reminds us that we are all starlight turning in to something beautiful. It closes the EP with the remembrance of who and what we really are. (Featured on BBC introducing)

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