Sarah Louise releases The Now EP

Sarah Louise is an unsigned singer-songwriter from Essex UK, who has been recognised nationally as a finalist for multiple British Country Music Awards, including 2021/2022 Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year. Whilst writing music that is inspired by personal experiences, Sarah has excelled in the music industry since 2020 having decided to embark on her lifelong goal of learning guitar – not an easy task when you’re self taught!

Sarah has discovered that her vulnerable lyrics and warm vocal is the most powerful way to connect with her audience, leaving them captivated and attracting a growing fanbase on a daily basis! Sarah Louise has achieved world-wide radio airplay.

Sarah Louise released her latest single ‘My Grandparents and Me’ whilst writing, recording, and performing in Nashville, including the world renowned Tootsies. This single “….[is] a very special song that I wrote with my audience on a live stream and they encouraged me to finish and publish it as sharing the memories may help others bring back cherished moments of their loved ones”. Peaking at #2 in the UK and #11 in the Australian Country iTunes Chart, Sarah Louise is evidently building an international fanbase.

With previous success of her recent singles chart positions “My Beating Heart” #1 UK iTunes Country Charts and #45 All Genre and ‘Purple Flowers’ will make up two of the new 5-track EP which Sarah Louise is to release on Monday 21st November. Title track ‘The Now’ explores the way we learn from the pain of experiences that occur in our lives.7

“Sometimes we just have to let it go! Let it shape us for the future”

“‘Rosa Parks Blvd’ is my favourite song of the EP”. The never heard before track is a fast, catchy hoedown track that Sarah Louise hopes people will join in with, dancing, clapping, and singing along!

“It was written on the bed in my hotel room on Rosa Parks Blvd where I could see the skyline of my favourite city in the world where I have always wanted to go. It felt so good to finally make it there and feel so inspired.”

The new EP is just the beginning of what is set to be a big few months for Sarah Louise. Fresh from her Nashville trip, the singer-songwriter is ready more-than-ever to make an impact with her music!

Catch Sarah Louise live at the British Country Music Association Awards on November 13th.

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