Scottish musician Steve Brown releases first country single

Scottish musician Steve Brown releases first country single – ONE HIT SONG – on 1st December 2022- after 30 years in the music business. Set to top the charts!

Steve Brown, from Arisaig in the Scottish Highlands, has been a fulltime guitarist, singer and producer for almost 30 years. A rocker at heart and a lover of country, old and new, Johnny and Brad. Steve was so impressed with songwriter Barbara Cooper– they clicked immediately – kindred Scottish spirits – he knew they would work together some day. ONE HIT SONG is the first of hopefully many great collaborations. An album is in the pipeline.

ONE HIT SONG came about the day after Barbara Cooper was on a virtual song-writing boot camp during lock down.

Barbara from Glasgow says “I was feeling enthusiastic about songwriting as I went for a walk that morning. I had been thinking I would like to have a hit song just once. My mind started humming a tune and into my head came the line “One hit song before I die”. I was picturing a bunch of old guys who had played in bands meeting up for a drink and one of them saying this was the one thing in life he hadn’t done.”

Barbara was working with Angela Ezeonyeka from Idaho USA on the course and together they finished the first draft of the song and sent it to Beaird Studios in Nashville for production. The song was rated 5 stars and a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition.

A few weeks later Barbara joined producer Steve Brown’s song-writing group. When Steve heard the song he instantly loved it and offered to add some finishing touches – tweak the lyrics, add a guitar solo, mandolin and lead vocals plus backing vocals by a few other international song-writing peers, and some seasonal sleigh bells! and here we are now – Steve Brown’s debut country single – ONE HIT SONG.

After co-producing Tara Henton’s single ‘Now That You’re Gone’ which reached #4 in the UK Country iTunes Chart, Steve is determined to hit top spot with his debut single. Steve and Barbara are respectfully asking everyone that has an iTunes account to please pre-order from there. They appreciate any support you can give them.

After an early single announcement online, Steve was contacted by the Grand Ole Opry in Glasgow with an offer for him to play it live at that iconic venue. Steve had a rare free Saturday night that very weekend – 5th Nov – and debuted the song in front of a packed Opry. Vice President of the Opry Karen Faulkner said “It was a pleasure having Steve Brown perform his debut single “One Hit Song” on our stage at Glasgow’s Grand Ole Opry. It was a fantastic performance. We can’t wait for his return.”

ONE HIT SONG – STEVE BROWN – released on all platforms on 1st December and available now for airplay, pre-saves and pre-orders.

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