Jason Callear Releases Fan Favourite Letter

“An emotive and relatable track exploring the complexities of relationships. With powerful lyrics, it encourages listeners to find the courage and write their truth”

Follow up to #1 UK Country iTunes Chart track Fortunate Sons

“WE LOVE IT! It fits right into the UK Country scene and stands up against the biggest names within the charts today “Single Review”. [Country Music Avenue].

Jason Callear is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the UK offering a gritty eclectic fusion of new Americana music in a wonderfully retro style. A solo recording artist working with Inspire Music. From the soulful tracks that evoke feelings of nostalgia to the raw and emotive style that connects with the listeners on a deeper level, Jason’s music is a perfect blend of various influences and styles of the past and present that showcases the evolution of music over the decades.

Following the rebranding of his artistry and the re-release of his track Brother, Jason has grabbed the attention of the country music scene and his follow up single Fortunate Sons which debuted at #1 in the UK Country iTunes Chart. 2023 brings the release of his third single Letter which was chosen by his fanbase on social media!

“I got the chorus first and the rest just flowed from there. It’s a relatable story around the difficulties of a face-to-face heart felt outpouring of emotion so you put pen to paper instead. This could be to a loved one, someone no longer around or simply a memoir. I wanted the chorus to lift right out of the track. Jason Callear talking about Letter.

“Bring me the stone, to carve my emotions, I can’t be stranded, time after time. Maybe I might just write you a letter, tell you I was too proud to shout it out loud!” [Letter Lyrics]

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