Grace Parry to release new single Silly Girl

Silly Girl is an upbeat catchy song with a vibe sure to get you dancing. The song is a melodically expressed conversation between family and friends where Everyone is telling this Silly Girl to avoid misplacing her love and trust with a narcissist.

Silly Girl confronts the topic of coercive control and narcissism in modern day relationships.

The chorus is begging the narcissist to stop hurting her. Feeling deeply in love confuses her mind when he controls every move but at first, she does not realise it’s control.

Silly Girl seeks to inspire both men and women to stand against coercive control and enable them to realise they are not alone and to recognise the signs.

Grace says ‘ I have written this song after going through something similar but also after hearing friends stories and I feel so passionately about spreading awareness through my music that I want this track to reach as many people as possible and to help those going through this heartache to ‘Get out now’ It’s so easy for people to say ‘ Well it’s your own fault’ when they haven’t been in someone else’s shoes. Love can be fantastic but it can also be dangerous’

Silly Girl will be available to pre-order from all distribution platforms from the 1st February and will be released on the 26th February 2023.




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