Tupelo Lime to support Blues artist Alice Armstrong

UK-based Outlaw/Americana artist Tupelo Lime will be supporting multi-nominated UK Blues Awards artist, Alice Armstrong in Norfolk on Friday 17th March.

Known for her wide vocal range, unconventional lyrics, red hair, red light-sensitivity glasses and an unrivalled stage presence, Alice Armstrong’s songs have so far reached the top 20 in the most played albums of the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association and has been nominated for four different categories in the UK Blues awards in the last three years.

Gram Phillips, who goes by the stage name Tupelo Lime, is an American poet and  outlaw  Americana/Country musician based in the UK. Portraying traditional elements of Blues and Country, Southern Rock, Folk, Bluegrass and Jazz, Tupelo Lime writes stripped back, raw and unfiltered songs based on affliction and addiction, loss, hardship, joy, love and death.

The talented singer-songwriter has been influenced and inspired by the lives and communities of those met along the way, each one helping to define and shape the Tupelo Lime journey. Tupelo Lime has found his love of gigging and busking wherever possible. This motivation and passion has taken him across the UK and Germany, building a strong fanbase in this area of Europe.

Tupelo Lime effortlessly recreates and revives the sound and magic of Acoustic Americana bringing it into the modern world with a reverence and passion that has drawn praise from radio stations and reviewers around the world.” [Air Events, 2021]

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