Elsa’s Debut Single As You Please is an Emotional R&B Rollercoaster

LONDON, UK – 27th April 2023 – London-based R&B singer-songwriter Elsa has just released her highly anticipated debut single As You Please, produced alongside her long-time collaborator J.Ar.J. The track showcases Elsa’s unique sound that is all her own, seamlessly weaving together an array of sounds under her unmistakable voice.


Elsa’s poetic lyricism is on full display in As You Please, with raw honesty, pain, and vulnerability laid bare, yet always accompanied by a message of self-love, optimism, and growth. The track tells the story of a destructive relationship, with Elsa explaining, “The song is about a relationship that was toxic and emotionally draining. It’s about processing the past, moving forward and healing.”

With captivating live performances that have been making waves in London’s R&B scene, Elsa has been earning a growing fan base who can’t get enough of her authenticity, passion, and charisma. J.Ar.J’s production flair is on full display as he creates lush soundscapes and mighty choruses that will move you one way or another, showcasing Elsa’s unique style along the way.

This is just the beginning of what promises to be a bright future for Elsa, with more exciting projects in the works, including new material and more upcoming live shows later this year. Elsa is a rising star to watch in the R&B scene, with a fresh, authentic sound that is sure to capture the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

As You Please is out now on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from Elsa in the near future. With her undeniable talent and growing fan base, Elsa is poised for big things in the coming years.

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