Sarah Louise releases The Now EP

Sarah Louise is an unsigned singer-songwriter from Essex UK, who has been recognised nationally as a finalist for multiple British Country Music Awards, including 2021/2022 Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year. Whilst writing music that is inspired by personal experiences, Sarah has excelled in the music industry since 2020 having decided to embark on her lifelong goal of learning guitar – not an easy task when you’re self taught!

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The Southern Gothic release new single Talking In My Sleep

Talking In My Sleep was written with Troy Walls, half of Nashville duo Carvin Walls, and Mike Britt, high up on a mountain in Oct of 2021.

“We were on a writers retreat, and we were just throwing around ideas. I’d mentioned, ‘you know when you wake up with a song in your head, and you feel like it must’ve been in your dream….  this is how this guy feels about this girl….  He wakes up hearing her voice in his head.  My guy is all the way in deep’… and so the song came to be!”

About The Southern Gothic

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Get to Know Nashville songstress FAÏNN

If there is one thing that I love the most about my Get to Know interview series, it is introducing brand new musicians that are aiming to make themselves known in the UK. I am pleased to share my next installment in the Get to Know series, with a very talented singer, who is already known as a Nashville songstress, and that is the lovely FAÏNN! She has recently released her poignant ballad Sometimes and is ready to make her mark in the UK music scene. Read on to learn more about her and her music .


Hi FAÏNN, please share with us how your journey into music began.

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Single Review: Rent Free by Mikki Evans

We often catch ourselves thinking about someone that has hurt us; and we forget that we are only thinking about them, because we are allowing ourselves to. This is the story behind the latest release from UK Country singer and songwriter Mikki Evans.


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Nashville songstress FAINN releases dreamy new pop ballad

FAÏNN may be a relatively new name on the UK music scene, but she has been making waves in Nashville for quite some time, both as a renowned vocal coach, songwriter and artist. Inspired by the power of the voice and the art of storytelling through song, she cites artists like Dido, Léon and Lana Del Ray amongst her influences, and writes powerful indie-pop tunes with spacy productions and a real cinematic feel.

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