Mindfulness: Making time to be kinder to ourselves

Since I began learning and understanding the concept of Mindfulness three years ago, I realised that a big part of it relies on Mindfulness based self compassion. This loosely translates as being mindfully kinder to ourselves, noticing when our mind has started turning negative and slowly but surely turning it into a positive state.

There are many activities that we can do, to help us become more compassionate to ourselves. Journaling out our thoughts and feelings, and practicing gratitude are just a few examples. There has definitely been a lot more press coverage around self-care and while it is necessary to prioritise ourselves, we need to break the constant taboo about this being seen as a selfish act. After all, we can only be our best selves for others, when we are at our best.

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Infinitone launches revolutionary Dynamic Micro-Tuning software for musicians.

Introducing Freedom of Pitch: Infinitone DMT

Infinitone DMT is a DAW plugin that opens the door to an unexplored landscape of musical creativity by unlocking the infinite harmonic spectrum. Infinitone puts new notes, chords, and scales right at your fingertips. Using any keyboard or MIDI controller, precision pitch adjustment is now a seamless part of the creative process. Freedom of Pitch has arrived.

Musicians from the West grow up using 12 notes: seven white and five black. Infinitone DMT is cutting-edge software technology that reconnects musicians with the rest of the infinite harmonic spectrum. From your favorite DAW using your existing MIDI instruments, you can now access the “notes between the notes.”

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Get to Know: Feralman

It gives me great pleasure to share my fifth interview in the Get to Know series with an artist whose music I consider to be meaningful and unique. I believe that every artist has a story and that we get to understand their music a whole lot better once we hear it!

I most recently published about his forthcoming single The Ballad of Life and Death and reviewed his previous single Let It Heal You. Get to Know the artist that is Feralman and what inspires him to create music, how he survived a brain tumour scare and more!


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Bristol Beacon broadcasts London Symphony Orchestra concert at Bath Forum

Bristol Beacon ­are to live stream the forthcoming London Symphony Orchestra concert with Sir Simon Rattle in Bath to care homes across the country as a thank you and gift to staff and residents for their hard work and resilience during the pandemic. The broadcast, which took place on Thursday 7 October from 7.15pm, was organised thanks to sponsorship from Bristol Care Homes, who are supporting the cost of the stream.

The concert, which sees Sir Simon Rattle lead the orchestra in Martinů’s Rhapsody-Concerto for viola with violist Antoine Tamestit and Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, is being performed at Bath Forum – the first time the orchestra has performed in Bath since 2008. The concert has been staged by Bristol Beacon, with funding from the Culture Recovery fund, in anticipation of an ongoing artistic partnership with London Symphony Orchestra when the venue reopens in 2023.

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