Single Review: Soul Mate by Pete Kennaway

One topic that has become popular in our music world lately, is artists expressing their thoughts about mental health, through their song lyrics. This is also the main focus for artist Pete Kennaway‘s seventh release Soul Mate.

Soul Mate cover art

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Pete Kennaway releases his seventh single Soul Mate

Now on his seventh, solo release, on Friday 26th November, former Apple Scruff, Pete Kennaway brings us Soul Mate.

Soul Mate cover art

Marc Bean (Pete’s former manager) shares his thoughts about the song:

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Get To Know: Lucky Iris band!

I am always grateful for the artists that choose to share their music here at the blog, and I couldn’t be happier to introduce this duo at the blog, who are none other than Lucky Iris! Lucky Iris comprises of vocalist Maeve and multi-instrumentalist Jasper. Together, they have created an alt-pop sound which reflects unique situations like their latest single Speak Soon. Read on to learn more about the duo and their music style!

Maeve & Jasper

How did the Lucky Iris band come together?

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Lucky Iris release their latest single called Speak Soon

Learn to put your boundaries in place as you become a better version of yourself with the track Speak Soon by the alt-pop duo you didn’t know you needed in your life…

Lucky Iris

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Bradley Jago releases new single Distractions

Pop singer-songwriter Bradley Jago released his latest single Distractions on Wednesday 17th November via Roots Below Inc.

Drawing influence from the likes of Tom Misch and Bruno Mars, Distractions follows Jago’s May 2021 single Rain, also released via Roots Below Inc. While that track focused on leaning into your emotions, this time Jago adopts a different approach, exploring efforts to avoid pain, to find distractions from our own minds.

Distractions cover art

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