Album Review: Zen Relaxation by Aroshanti

I recently discovered wonderful meditation music by Aroshanti (Nick Truch). After listening to and enjoying the track Illumination, I decided to listen to the full album.

When I meditate, I don’t always listen to a guided meditation, and that is where relaxation music comes in. Mostly always instrumental, relaxation music helps to provide a calming atmosphere that can help you meditate, perform yoga, or drift off to sleep peacefully.



On the Zen Relaxation album there are 7 tracks:

1) Stillness of Zen
2) Searching Zen
3) Compassion
4) Inner Peace
5) Pure Form
6) Illumination
7) Acceptance

Each track is a wonderful blend of sublime flute, subtle chanting, chimes and very zen vibes. Think of how relaxed you feel when you are at a spa and, the kind of music that they play and that is the same kind of vibe you will get from listening to this album.

A couple of tracks are 10 minutes long, which are a perfect length for a meditation practice. You can even listen to the album while you are working, for some calming, peaceful vibes.

I enjoyed listening to each and every track on the album. I would play them just as I am winding down for bed and each song totally sets the mood for a peaceful night as the soothing sounds of the flute help you feel instantly calm.

If you enjoy instrumental music, and/or meditate regularly, I highly recommend listening to the Zen Relaxation album by Aroshanti.

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