Meditation Music Review: Illumination by Aroshanti

Since lockdown, I have gained a steady interest into soundscapes and relaxing music.
I recently discovered the music of Aroshanti – exclusive music for meditation purposes, that has been created, composed and produced by multi instrumentalist Nick Truch.

Nick Truch

I really like the soothing, escapism vibes of his latest track Illumination. This particular track is 10.24 mins (which is perfect for a 10 minute meditation practice), and is a blend of calmness, healing and serenity. You can download this particular track for free from their website, once you have given your feedback Aroshanti


Aroshanti have a wide range of meditation music, for multiple categories such as sleep and relaxation. So if you are struggling to sleep or wind down in the evenings, listening to a soothing couple of minutes of pure zen, will definitely help you out.

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