The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern Volume 5 releases 6th November 2020

Calgary – Oct.17 – With the capstone release of the Legend of Bent Roads Tavern Volume 5, the elusive BRT collective comes out of the woodwork once again to update its definitive catalogue with a confident, expansive atmosphere in a recording environment stripped down to the studs.

“This five-volume collection, along with its companion, Hard Reset, represent our history and our contributions to Canadian music to date,” reflects frontman, Collen. “We are so proudly Canadian and we are excited to share this music with fans of Indie Folk around the world.”

The first track, single ‘Rainstorm’, showcases the maturity of the BRT’s songwriting under 2004 to 2007 frontman, Jim Riecken. The second highlight track ‘Every Intention’, originally written by Collen during a period of isolation from the BRT minstrels in 2006, has been completely rearranged and re-recorded exclusively for the Volume 5 release.

Fans of Mumford & Sons, Dan Mangan, Tim Baker, Elliott Brood, and Neil Young will appreciate this release as BRT sets the tone for brand new recordings in 2021.

Check out The Legend of Bent Roads Tavern on bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music/iTunes. Pre-ordering is now available on bandcamp and iTunes, with releases coming to Amazon Music and YouTube Music very soon!


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